Now that I’m out of my Terrible Twos I might stop saying Fuck so much.

This March marks the third anniversary (holy shit!) of The Lost Turntable, which is MP3 blog years is like 84 since they seem to pop up and vanish so quick. Fucking hipster pricks don’t know how to commit to shit. Anyways, longtime readers may know that I celebrate this by temporally lifting my self-imposed ban on reposting previously featured tracks. So if there is anything I have ever posted that you want to hear again, now is you chance. In the comment section of this post (AND THIS POST ONLY) request what you want put back up here. This is a limited time offer and just because you ask for it doesn’t mean that I’m going to give it to you (I’m not that easy) but the odds are pretty good. Have fun scouring my archives of profanity and random pop music.

Big Audio Dynamite
The Bottom Line
“The Bottom Line” was the first single by Big Audio Dynamite and is on their first album, but this remix (which is unlabeled as such on the 12” single) is epically longer than the version that’s on the band’s first album. This version of “Bad” is also longer than the album one, but not epically so (more like a just a minute or so). “The Bottom Line” is a great song and while “Bad” isn’t as bad as it’s title suggests, it isn’t all that either.

N.W.O. (Extended Dance Mix)
It always makes me laugh when I think about the fact that for all the grandstanding, scary imagery and heavy metal influences, Ministry is still at heart a dance band. I’ve ranted and raved about Al and his band of not-so-merry madmen many times over, and I think I got nothing else to say about them. This remix is from a 12” single.

Utah Saints
Trans-Europe Excess
What Can You Do For Me (Salt Lake Mix)
The Utah Saints were neither from Utah or saints, discuss. I’ve always find that odd (the Utah part, I wasn’t exactly surprised that they weren’t saints. ) It seemed like such an odd place for a couple of pothead ravers from England to pick, and calling this remix the “Salk Lake Mix” takes their fetishization for the land that Mormon delusion built and takes it a strange and scary place. Maybe they were on the salt flats for those ten or so years between their first and second records? These are from a 12” single.

Disappointed (Electronic Mix)
Disappointed (808 Mix)
Gangster (FBI Mix)
Getting Away With It (Extended Mix)
For those of you new in the game, Electronic was(is?) a collaboration between Bernard Sumner of New Order and Johnny Marr of, well, about a million different bands, with added assistance by Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys and even a little bit of help from Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk. And with a line up like that you know that the output was…severely underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Electronic (even if the band name is fucking retarded) but with that talent they should have released the greatest most-synthtacular dance album ever. These remixes are from two different 12” single and the 808 remix is by 808 State, and it is fucking tight as shit.

23 Responses to “Now that I’m out of my Terrible Twos I might stop saying Fuck so much.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    how about reposting Q Lazzarus? I can’t tell if it was a 12″ version. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jim says:

    I found your site too late to get the soundtrack to “Party Party” I’d love to hear that again. and I’m a loyal MF too, I’ll be here in another 3 years.

  3. Dubrobots says:

    No repost requests, just feel I have to comment when anyone posts some Big Audio Dynamite. Best band of the 80s? Could be…

  4. Nick says:

    Happy fucking birthday dude.

    Hope you keep going for another 2 years … your blog is a blast!

  5. magø says:

    Well done, sir!
    Love this blog.

    Just wanted to say that both “The Bottom Line” and “BAD” on that 12″ were remixed by none other than Rick Rubin!!! He’s credited on the actual label.

    Keep up the excellent work, and here’s to many more years!

  6. Rekanize says:

    Preface: I didn’t realize this info was in the beginning of their Wikipedia entry, but I guess I feel better that my suspicions were correct.

    “The Utah Saints were neither from Utah or saints, discuss.”

    New Orleans, once upon a time, used to have a basketball team known as The New Orleans Jazz… in 1979, they were moved to Utah, then known as the Utah Jazz.

    Well, New Orleans’s football team is the Saints…


  7. The Lost Turntable says:

    Re: Rekanize


  8. icastico says:

    I laughed at the NWO comment.

    They do work for love…

  9. Scaryduck says:

    Happy Birthday – no request to make, except to say “fuck” more often

  10. rocketboy says:

    yeah, I say just keep saying fuck. It’s what keeps me coming back. Oh yeah, that and your bad ass attitude!

  11. ravensbhind says:

    great blog, oh i mean fucking blog!
    any remixes of pete shelley, especially, telephone operator.

    happy b-day!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, I haven’t been with you for three years, so I don’t know what treasures might have passed me by. But I’d love some Pete Shelley and Elvis Costello that I have to assume you have. If not, keep up the good work, I suck it all up. Thanks

  13. Dave The Ox says:

    A special request, as you posted this recently. Do you think there is any way you could post a lossless version of the Twin Freaks album? I’m assuming I’m being a pain in the ass by asking for such a thing but if I don’t say it I’ll never know your response.

    Also, congratulations on 3 years! Keep it up man!

  14. Anonymous says:

    First, keep up saying Fuck as much as you want to…especially liked your link back to your post about Fergie.

    Second, I’m a latecomer to your blog, but I’ve noticed several older Big Country extended mixes from over a year ago. I love me some Big Country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    you are hilarious and i think i might be in love with you – i have not read your blog until today but here is my request:

    Sub-Culture – New Order – the good version from the orginal Low-life album – not the shitty Pretty in Pink version

  16. Todd says:

    Re: Birthday re-posts

    Somehow I missed the last track when you posted (Tuesday, February 13, 2007) the soundtrack to the Best Rock movie ever…


  17. Catherine says:

    “Party Animal” by Karen Finley. I have a specific purpose for it.

  18. Drain says:

    wow excellent idea with the list of stuff you’ve posted in the 3years you’ve done this. now looking over this, there’s stuff i’m not even sure i ever saw before or was just unlucky to miss. but before i list my repost requests, i must congratulate you on 3years of great music and i am eternally grateful for you sharing all this stuff. thanks!

    wang chung: dance hall days [extended mix]
    trans-x: living on video [remix]
    spandau ballet: gold [extended mix]
    siouxsie and the banshees: cities in dust [extended eruption mix]
    ministry: work for love [extended]
    INXS: disappear [extended 12” mix]
    ABC: Poison Arrow (Trevor Horn Remix)

    depeche mode: world in my eyes [oil tank mix]
    world in my eyes [dub in my eyes mix]
    world in my eyes [mode to joy mix]
    Strangelove [Maxi-Mix]
    Strangelove [Midi-Mix]
    Strangelove [Highjack Remix]
    Shake The Disease [Remixed Extended Version]
    Sea Of Sin [Sensoria Mix]

    The Clash: Do It Now
    Sex Mad Roar

    kate bush: Running Up That Hill (With David Gilmour)
    Sexual Healing

    The B-52’s
    Channel Z (12” Rock Mix)
    Love Shack (12” Remix)
    Love Shack (12” Mix)
    Love Shack (Big Radio Mix)

    Front Line Assembly: Digital Tension Dementia (Extended Version)
    Lethal Compound (Harmful If Swallowed Mix)
    No Limit (Damaged Good Remix)

  19. Dubrobots says:

    Any chance of you reposting the James Brown remix by B.A.D? Couldn’t track it down for love nor money (or not sensible money anyway) in this country

  20. Dubrobots says:

    And not that I’m B.A.D. obsessed or anything, but magø’s comment was incorrect, you’ll find the Rick Rubin mixes here :

  21. Anonymous says:

    The bottom line re-mix is a classic-thanks.

  22. Cool_Steve says:

    Irresistible Bitch
    Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix)
    Raspberry Beret (New Mix)

    Wang Chung
    Dance Hall Days (Extended Remix)
    Don't Let Go (Extended Remix)

    Real Life
    Send Me An Angel (Heaven No. 7 Mix)
    Send Me An Angel (Cloud Nine Mix)

    The Cure
    Hot Hot Hot!!! (Extended Remix)
    Hey You (Extended Remix)
    Never Enough (Big Mix)
    Harold And Joe
    Let's Go To Bed (Milk Mix)
    Close To Me (Extended Remix)

    Fun Boy Three
    Our Lips Are Sealed (Special Remix Version)
    Our Lips Are Sealed (Urdu Version)

    Express Yourself (Non-Stop Express Mix)
    Express Yourself (Local Mix)
    Open Your Heart (Extended Version)

    Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys 12'' Mix)

    I went through a period of busy-ness last year and forgot to check the usual music blogs I check monthly. I know you can't possibly re-upload all of this due to your rules, but upload what you think I should listen to the most out of what is listed here. Thanks!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you SO much for the Electronic remixes. I love Electronic, wish they had come out with more music. I LOVE “Disappointed” and the remixes. It’s one of those songs I can’t get out of my head. Thank you for sharing the remixes! I love your site, so many remixes I hadn’t heard in years!

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