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I have a cat now. And because of the little furry bastard I’m pretty tired, so let’s just get right to it.

Twin Freaks
My respect for Paul McCartney has grown tremendously in the past few months. First I discovered Fireman, the electronic/alternative rock collaborative project between Youth from Killing Joke and McCartney, and now this. Twin Freaks is a remix collection by McCartney and Freelance Hellraiser, who you may know from his legendary 2002 bootleg mash-up “A Stroke Of Genius.” Apparently he went on tour with McCartney in 2004, and that led to this collection of McCartney remixes and mash-ups. How does that even happen? An online remixer gets contacted by a Beatle and the next thing you know they’re collaborating together? That would be like Conan O’Brien reading my semi-misogynist rant against Fergie and getting me a job at The Tonight Show.

Anyways, The Twin Freaks album appears to have been a one-off, and in more ways that one. EMI released the album as a 2-LP vinyl release only, and it only got one printing. Needless to say it’s pretty hard to find and out-of-print, so of course I found it in a record store in Toledo. The world is weird man.

But back to the record, all of these songs are either Paul McCartney tunes or tracks that appeared on Wings albums (with one exception) so if you’re expecting a remix of “Hard Day’s Night” or “Helter Skelter” you’re going to be let down. Still, this is a very interesting record that deserves a wider release. Some of these tracks are pretty obscure though, so here’s a track-by-track rundown of where these songs are from. If you want more information about what other tracks are mashed into this then go to this site.

Really Love You
Originally on Flaming Pie.

Long Haired Lady (Reprise)
“Long Haired Lady” (without the reprise) was on Ram.

Rinse The Raindrops
Originally on Driving Rain

The first of many songs on this record that was originally on McCartney II, not a surprise since that record itself is pretty heavy on the electronics.

Live And Let Die
You know this one.

Temporary Secretary
Another track from McCartney II.

What’s That You’re Doing
From Tug Of War, thank God they chose this and not Ebony and Ivory.

Oh Woman, Oh Why
A 1971 non-album b-side that is also on the deluxe version of Ram.

From Wild Life, the first Wings album.

I think this is an original creation made from several other songs.

Coming Up
Another from McCartney II. You might not recognize the name of this tune but trust me you’ve heard it.

Maybe I’m Amazed
Okay, if you don’t know this song then there’s no helping you. This is truly saving the best for last, an amazing remix of a legendary song.

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