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I have updated last week’s Urgh! post, adding the tracks from the VHS tape that were not on the vinyl soundtrack. Since this album is out of print, I will never be removing the links to these files, that being said, my disclaimer about not hotlinking go double. Don’t make me hurt you.

Onto other business, I spent many-a-hour working on the Urgh! stuff tonight, so just a mini-post for now. Hopefully I have some more stuff tomorrow or the day after.

The Bleep
Fuck Me (Technacid manchester Mix)
Fuck me (Mr. Dump On Extasy Mix)
Eurohouse trash with an equally trashy name as a lame effort to get people to buy it. I can’t knock the marketing gimmick too much though, since I kind of fell for when I picked this 12” up a few weeks ago. The song isn’t bad, but it really doesn’t live up to the title. According to what I could dig up, The Bleep was German, they should stick to the disturbing industrial stuff and emotionless electro and leave the dirty stuff to the Belgiums, they’re much better at it. By the way, that’s their retarded spelling/typo of “ecstasy” not mine.

So Important (Extremely Important Mix)
So Important (Incredibly Important Mix)
How does a band last for nearly 40 years and release over 20 albums without scoring one hit single or record? Do these guys just invest incredibly well? Are they independently wealthy? What the hell? I’m not really complaining, I love Sparks and all their fucked up insanity, but I’m always amazed at their ability to keep going in spite of everything telling them that they should have given it up long ago. These very urgent-sounding remixes by the resilient eclectics are from a 12” single.

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  1. beketaten says:

    Haha, I actually really enjoyed the “Bleep” tracks.
    Fun stuff.
    And in speaking of what you were mentioning a little earlier on about David Byrne’s, um, unique proclivities, I find it more than a little disturbing (read: hilarious) that one of the mixes is called “Mr. Dump On Extasy”.

    Also, fun fact, in case you didn’t know it already:
    The first record that Björk bought as a child was Sparks’ “Kimono In My House”.
    It just kinda brings it all full circle, and warm and fuzzy inside, etc. (That last sentiment was not intended in a perverted way, although you could read it so, I suppose, if you like)

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