April Fool’s Repost

Yay, it’s April. I hate April. It’s a very long story that involves my broken leg, me getting robbed at gunpoint, my parent’s divorce and a severe reaction to Penicillin (not all at once) so I really don’t want to get into it. Let’s just say that I try to hide in my basement most of the month.

Now, on a much more upbeat note here are some more reposts (and one new song) for all you beloved fans of mine. I’m kind of tired right now so I apologize for what will surely be very sloppy writing.

Get The Message (Extended Mix)
Free Will (Extended Mix)
Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix)
Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix)
Gangster (FBI Mix)

The first four of these are reposts, while “Gangster” is a new one. I got this remix off of a “Art Of Mix” 12” single. Art Of Mix was a remix service that provided (paying) DJs with remixes of hot club tunes. You can find out more about them here. If anyone has more of them and is willing to share I’ll be eternally grateful and give you a cookie.

New Order
Sister Ray (Live)
Fine Line (Dub “Fine Time” Mix)
Fine Time (Silk Mix)
Fine Time (Messed Around Mix)
Shellshock (Extended Remix)

These are nothing but reposts, for I have already completely exhausted my New Order collection. That makes me sad. These remixes were ripped awhile ago when I was still trying to master the process, so they aren’t as clear as most of the stuff I put up now. For that I apologize, but I don’t feel like digging through my crates tonight. They still sound good enough. I also want to mention that “Shellshock” is one of my all-time favorite New Order songs and if you haven’t heard it you should download this version – it is the shizzle.

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  1. ClickThis! says:

    Ive got a bunch of art of mix cd compilations. dgraysn@yahoo.com

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