Snow Motion

So I’ve spent most of today huddled in my house hiding from all that snow that’s outside. Before Pittsburgh got hit with a fustercluck of winter weather suckness I did manage to crawl out of my hole and head down to Jerry’s Records. Those of you in the Pittsburgh area should check out his store this month, he’s having a huge 12” single sale. 4 singles for 10 bucks. You can’t beat that shit.

Also, inside the massive complex that is Jerry’s Records a new store has opened called 720 Records. They cater more to the DJ crowd and sell new vinyl as well as older singles in the hip-hop, dance and house genres. Their stuff is a little on the pricey side but otherwise very good.

I haven’t left my house since returning from that excursion into the real world so I’ve had a pretty boring night in front of the computer. How boring? I ended up Googling this blog looking for what people have said about me. I found this comment from Idolator’s comment board pretty funny:

Lost Turntable… that guy just seems to post some of the weirdest 12″ mixes, he just puts up a serious global mind-fuck of tracks I have never heard of, odd remixes and then goes on occasional theme posts. All I know is, it’s fun to see him posting not only Madonna remixes, but then going on some Ghetto Boy’s tangent.

Searching through all those sites that mention me led me to some pretty good blogs, so astute readers might notice that I’ve updated the links section (look to your right). If anyone has any suggestions for more I should add shoot me an email. I try to focus on remix or vinyl-centric blogs for the most part. I don’t like linking to blogs that feature zips or rar files of easily obtainable albums.

I also added some non-MP3 links to the side, including my page and the music page at, which is where I contribute CD reviews and such. Idolator and Best Week Ever are pretty big sites so I don’t think I have to mention what they are. Sleeve Face is my new favorite stupid obsession, everyone should check that out. And if you like online radio then you need to listen to WOXY, and I’m not just saying that because their Music Director put a link to my site on his bio page.

With A Touch (Rafe’s Tribal House Remix)
With A Touch (Giorgio Moroder Mix)
With A Touch (JohnO TekHousePop Remix)
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (until the restraining order is placed), I have an unhealthy crush on Terri Nunn. I want to marry her and we’ll live synthpop ever after. These tracks are off a 12” single.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Sex On Wheelz (Motor City Remix)
Sex On Wheelz (Glamour Dyke Remix)
Sex On Wheelz (Freak Street Remix)
Farout 1
When trying to find something interesting about these guys I stumpled upon this little gem from Wikipedia:

The “Sexplosion!” tour in 1991 achieved a particularly notorious reputation. In addition to being interestingly staged, featuring an actual bar and bartender onstage with the band, the show also featured a male/female duo known as Ten and Avaluscious White, who appeared onstage dressed in a number of different guises. At one point, Ten was dressed as Jesus strapped to a cross and featuring a large black dildo between his legs, while Avaluscious White simulated oral sex on him. This created controversy and protest in a number of American locations, adding to the band’s notoriety.

Anyone got a tape of that?
New Order
Crystal (Remix)
Sub-Culture (Remix)
This is latter-day New Order so while these tunes aren’tas good or memborable as say “Bizarre Love Triangle” or “Blue Monday” they’re still great dance tracks. With this post I’ve now completely exhausted my supply of New Order remixes. Hopefully I’ll find more and this problem will not be a long term one.

4 Responses to “Snow Motion”

  1. Rachel says:

    actually, this comment has nothing to do with your latest blog but I hope you don’t mind… I remembered that you (long ago) mentioned how difficult it was to find stuff of “The The” when I came across this 2 bootlegs, totally ignore this post if it’s totally useless 😉
    The The Bootlegs

    thanks for your efforts, love your blog 😉

  2. tenno says:

    Hah. That was me on the Idolator post. Sweet.

    Yeah man, I always find it interesting what you’re into.

    Between you and a couple other blogs, i picked up on some stuff I never would have bought otherwise, which is the point I assume, to spread the love and word right?

    Next up is OMD’s: Dazzle Ships. Never heard, now I must buy it.

  3. Jeff P. says:

    Hey, I’ve been a regular listener of WOXY for nearly five years. I actually just discovered your blog about a month ago thanks to a post from Shiv on his livejournal. I love discovering the tracks you post. Interesting stuff. Keep it up.

  4. would be too nice if you could re-up those old madonna and janet club mixes…

    thx in advance nonetheless

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