Maybe We Would Have Got It If They Spelled It With A U

I got Mass Effect for the Xbox 360 yesterday and that game is chocolate-covered crack dipped in heroin. The main reason for this post tonight is so I have an excuse to put the damn controller down and do something else. I close my eyes and all I see is that damn galactic map.


Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The World Is My Oyster (12″ mix)
Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Pleasure Fix)
The Only Star In Heaven (Star Fix)
The Power of Love (Extended Version)
Relax (US Mix)
Relax (Move)
Relax (From Soft To Hard)
It’s amazing that I’ve gone this long without posting what is probably one of the most infamous tracks of the 80s, “Relax.” The best song about (not) getting off ever written, it’s also one of the most famously controversial, in the UK that is. Us dumb bastards in America never seemed to realize what it was actually about.

Anyways, researching the different versions of “Relax” is a huge pain in the ass. Not only did ZZT (the band’s label) release countless different singles of the song, they also renamed many of the remixes when they did! The names I gave those three remixes are the original names for them, they are also known as “The Long Version” “The 7” Version” and “The Instrumental”, respectively. I included these names in the “other” field in the ID3 tags. For the other songs I also included th catalog numbers of the albums I got them from, to help stop confusion caused by the clusterfuck of singles out there.

I can’t find out much about “The World Is My Oyster”. My copy of Welcome To The Pleasuredome” is buried somewhere in my room and I’m not going to try and dig it out now. I do recall it only being a minute or so long on that album and not including the “Gonna jack you up/gonna jack you off!” line, but I could be wrong – it’s been a very very long time since I’ve listened to that album.

Anyways, I don’t think any of the versions of these songs that I’ve posted tonight are actually on Welcome To The Pleasuredome, but I could be wrong. If anyone can add light to the situation please let me know.

Book Of Love
I Touch Roses (Long-Stemmed Version)
On a completely unrelated note, this song kind of creeps me out. The chick keeps moaning “You can’t touch my roses.” That’s icky right? It’s not just me? This remix is on the CD re-issue of their debut album, but I got it from a 12” single.

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  1. Conrad says:

    the World Is My Oyster 12″ mix is featured on some versions of the 12″ of The Power of Love

  2. beketaten says:

    Holy shit, thanks for compiling (pretty much) all the confusingly named-and-renamed “Relax” remixes into one place.

    …As an interesting, and frankly disturbing aside, it must be noted that a couple of months ago I actually had a ~Nightmare~ about listening to a relatively unknown Frankie Goes To Hollywood album, which basically consisted of the most emotionally distressing freakout music my unconscious mind could come up with to scare the shit out of me.
    I wonder what that says about my psyche…Oh well. At least there are sites like this, for the “special” likes of me.

  3. beketaten says:

    Also, wasn’t there an original “Sex mix” that was very different from the actual song (I have it by the way), or is one of these just a renamed version of it?
    I heard that it was sort of re-edited to take out some “offensive” parts I can’t quite discern, and christened the “New York mix”.
    Maybe the “offensive” stuff was Trevor Horn pouring water into a tub or something? haha

  4. dreamtime says:

    hi guys

    you might wanna check out my extended versions of some of the tracks posted here (incl. a 26 minute version of “welcome to the pleasuredome”):


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