This Record Is Absolutely Obscene!

I discovered a sweet new site today and I must share it with all of you. It’s called Anthology Recordings, and its the first all-digital reissue and re-release label in the world. If you are looking for obscure electronic, hardcore punk, metal or psychedelia then this is the place for you. Their prices are fair and their selection is a wet dream for music geeks like me. And no, I’m not getting paid to say any of this I swear.

Anyways, the tunes for tonight…

The following three tracks are from the original soundtrack to Dudes, a strange 1987 flick about some punk rockers who get involved in a violent struggle in the American west. John Cryer and Flea are in it, as well as Fear’s Lee Ving. It was directed by Penelope Spheeris (Wayne’s World, The Decline Of Western Civilization) so it’s no surprise that it has a punk-rock/metal feel to it. I vaguely recall watching this when I was a kid but don’t remember anything about it other than the cover of the VHS box. The soundtrack has some other stuff, mostly interesting instrumentals and mediocre metal, and I’ll post some of those later on this week. Until then here are the most interesting bits from the LP.

These Boots Are Made For Walking
This was originally on Megadeth’s debut album but some years later the Lee Hazelwood (the writer of the original) threatened legal action over the new “obscene” lyrics added by frontman Dave Mustaine. Because of this the version on the CD is censored. This is the original uncut version – as far as I can tell since I can barely understand what the hell Dave is saying.

Jane’s Addiction
Mountain Song
The information I can find about this version of the song calls it a “demo” recording. I don’t know how they got that information. It’s definitely a different version though, and sounds more metal, as metal as Perry can sound anyways. This has always been one of my favorite songs by Jane’s Addiction, and if I snowboarded I would totally listen to it while cutting powder. Since I don’t snowboard I listen to it while playing Zuma on my Xbox 360.

The Vandals
Urban Struggle
One of the best songs by the original Vandals, this version is about two minutes longer than the version that has been released on various albums. If anyone has any information as to why this is a different version/where it comes from please inform me.

New Order
Salvation Theme
Let’s Go
More fun from bizarre soundtracks. These rare New Order insturmentals are from the soundtrack to Salvation! (their exclamation point, not mine). I’ve never heard of this flick until I picked up the soundtrack, but it looks like it’s a spoof of 80s televangelists. It starred Exene Cervenka (of seminal LA punk rock band X) and her then-husband(!!!) Viggo Mortenson. Who knew Viggo had a thing for big-bodied punk rockers? Stephen McHattie (of every other sci-fi TV show ever made) was also in the film, as was New York counterculture icon Rockets Redglare. Another cast member that might be of interest to Lost Turntable readers is Dominique Davalos – she was in the Lea Thompson’s band in the legendary Howard The Duck! Now she’s in the L.A. band Drag.

These instrumentals by New Order have never been released outside of this soundtrack so even the most hardcore of New Order fans probably haven’t heard them before. This soundtrack was also the first appearance of the seminal New Order tune “Touched By The Hand Of God” but I’m not putting that on here because it’s the same version that you can get on many of their compilations. The soundtrack also had some other great tunes from other bands that I’ll put up later this week.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Let’s go” appeared much later as a b-side on a New Order single for one of the hits from their 1993 album. It was the same song but with lyrics. It was actually quite good. I’m confident it also made it onto some of their compilations. I have the Salvation soundtrack on cassette. The sound quality is crap.
    – Cool

  2. georgethe23rd says:

    I’ve got the Salvation LP – it’s wierd but good. But I had no idea Viggo Mortensen was in the film! I’ll have to dig it out again.

  3. nubatoast says:

    howard the duck rocks!

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