Ironic Beard Placement

Mini-post tonight.

ZZ Top
Give It Up (2,800 Mile Remix)
Give It Up (D.O.R. Remix)
ZZ Top was my third concert (first was Survivor, second was Huey Lewis) and it was my favorite until I saw The Smashing Pumpkins five or six years later. It was on the Recycler Tour, and the stage was full of cars getting destroyed and all this other crazy shit. They also had a laser light show that featured a naked lady dancing. When you’re 11 that shit is AWESOME. “Give It Up” was originally on Recycler, and like much from that period of their work – it hasn’t aged great. These are still pretty good remixes though.

Planet (Somersault Version)
Planet (Icelandic Version)
I found out that Einar from the Sugarcubes actually released a solo CD. Anyone out there hear this? Is it as bad as it probably should be? I really hate that guy. These remixes of “Planet” and the B-side “Cindy” are off of the 12-inch for “Planet.”

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  1. c@meron says:

    haven’t heard anything recent, but Einar’s Frostbite disc w/guest vocals by Katie Jane Garside lived up to expectations (at least in oddness, if not being heavy rotation material)…

  2. beketaten says:

    I love Einar. He’s in a band/project called GhostDigital now, and they do alot of remixes for Björk’s recent singles.
    I personally think “Planet” and its bsides/remixes are among the Sugarcubes best singles.
    “Cindy” has always amused me so much, such a loopy song… Childhood tantrum-extravaganza! 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think their Eliminator LP aged quite well. Recycler, admittedly, was weak but give them credit for talking about recycling – they were ahead of their time.

    M Cool

  4. Blendr says:

    Just had to shout out about ZZ Top live – I saw them a couple of times, I think I was in high school by then, but the lasers and cars still kicked ass – anyway, some of the best stadium concerts I ever saw. Which, considering their personal showmanship consisted mostly of swinging their guitars in synch, is pretty incredible – says a lot for their A/V and set guys.

    Love this blog – great music, hilarious comments, it’s a daily read for me – thanks a lot.

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