You Are All My Children Now

This week was my last before classes start up again for me so I’ve been taking my time off to do some constructive writing and critical analysis. Just shitting you, I’ve spent most of it watching the bonus features on the massive 5-disc uber-awesome collector’s edition of Blade Runner. Between the five(!!) different versions of the movie, three commentaries and hours upon hours of behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes and promotional materials, I’m shocked that I’ve managed to leave the house at all this week. That set comes with my highest recommendation, if you’re a movie geek then you have no excuse not to buy it (not even poverty – sell some blood and get on that shit).

Elton Motello
Jet Boy, Jet Girl
I mentioned that this song would eventually make it here and as promised here it is. This is probably the most blatantly sexual, dirty and X-rated song I’ve posted yet. And don’t forget that I posted “Me So Horny” just a couple weeks ago. This song has very odd history and rather than just summarize it myself I suggest you all go to this excellent site and read about it yourself. One funny thing I’d like to mention about the song is that everyone’s favorite retarded douchebag Jack Thompson actually won a case when he complained to the FCC that this song was obscene and should not have been played on the radio. The FCC ended up fining the station $10,000. I guess everyone wins one once in a while. This is the insane seven minute version of the song that just keeps going much longer than it probably should.

Traci Lords
Fallen Angel (Perfecto Mix)
Fallen Angel (Honeymoon Stitch Mix)
Fallen Angel (Muzik Club Vocal)
Fallen Angel (Mykonos House Mix)
Since were on the topic of obscene I figured I’d bring out these remixes by everyone’s favorite underaged porn-star turned somewhat respectable actress/singer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (if someone asks) Traci Lords is a surprisingly good singer and should really do it more often. These remixes are off of a 12” vinyl.

Chemical Brothers
Galvanize (Extended Version)
Acid Children (Electronic Battle Weapon 7)
“Galvanize” is the song that, if you watch football, you hear at least once a week because it’s always played in an incredibly obnoxious Budweiser ad. It’s the “there’s a party over here so we might as well be here…” song. It’s stupid party techno, but sometimes that’s what you need. “Acid Children”, on the other hand, is an insane hardcore trance tune complete with a creepy vocal sample. An ad company with some balls would use that tune for a commercial!

4 Responses to “You Are All My Children Now”

  1. Drain says:

    i’m not really a big fan of “galvanize”. it’s one of those songs where i feel the chem just phoned it in. they’ve done entirely better songs with original vocals than that one (cough”the test”cough)…but oh well.

    also great post on the traci lords stuff. i discovered her back in ’96 on the “mortal kombat” soundtrack and had no clue about her colorful history prior to that. she actually does make good music and should make some more. bums me out that the “perfecto mix” wasn’t exclusive to the “virtuosity” soundtrack heh.

  2. beketaten says:

    For some reason, Galvanize has always just made me go apeshit bananas. It’s just that “slaimmin” as they say, and the video really makes it even better.

  3. Jason Fist says:

    I’ve loved that Traci Lords track for ever (it’s now nearly 13 years old!), and paid a tidy sum for the CD-single on eBay.

    Being all nice and kind and stuff, I’ve uploaded all the mixes, and you can download it here.

    Pristine quality, and there’s even a bonus dub that you didn’t post.

    I’m still quite surprised by the quality of the lyrics. Apart from thinly-veiled references to her racey past (“I want so bad to ease your pain, on the inside”) some of them are almost poetry!

    “You’re drowning in excess
    Thoughts of suicide
    Like a mirror
    You can’t hide”

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Sarah says:

    I got the video for Galvanize on a VICE DVD long before Budweiser picked it up for their campaign, so I was in love with it long before it could possibly be ruined for me. 😉

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