April Shower Of Pain

Check out the new logo action! Being bored and having Photoshop leads to things like that. I made it through April Fool’s Day unscathed which means I only have to get through 29 more days of this accursed month. I traditionally have very bad luck during the month of April. I know it’s just a superstition and I’m sure bad things have happened during other times of the year, but my Aprils really do suck. Throughout my 20-some years of life all of the following have happened to me in April:

  • Broken Leg.
  • Parents announce their split (actually this was on March 31st, but I told all my friends the next day at school, and no one believed me because it was April Fool’s Day!)
  • Near-fatal reaction to Penicillin.
  • Severe Fever and flu that almost caused me to fail midterms.
  • The most ‘Ever Fallen In Love’ relationship ever…twice.
  • Nearly been fired three times due to my own dumb mistakes.
  • Mugged and assaulted at gunpoint (on 4/20!)

That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. Each time I leave my apartment this month I’ll be tempting fate. Everyone direct happy thoughts towards me!

The Alarm
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Live)
68 Guns (Live)
More from that 12” 2-pack I picked up last week. The Dylan cover is a little weak, but the live take of ’68 Guns’ more than makes up for it. For some reason I bet these guys can’t not write an epic anthem.

Echo & The Bunnymen
Paint It Black (Live)
Run, Run, Run (Live)
Friction (Live)
All of these are taken from the 12” for ‘Bedbugs & Ballyhoo’. According to the backcover of said single, they were recorded live at the Karen in Gothenburg and were for the “Bommen” Show on Swedish National Radio. If this is true then Swedish National Radio wins the award for coolest National Radio ever (next to the BBC). We all know ‘Paint It Black’ is a Stones song, but for those of you less into the classics, ‘Run, Run, Run’ was originally a Velvet Underground tune, and ‘Friction’ is a track by Television I believe. All of these tracks are available on that massive Echo & The Bunnymen box set.

Robyn Hitchcock
Spoken Word Intro: One Long Pair Of Eyes (Acoustic)
More Than This (Live)
Another artist on the long list of “people I should listen to more”. This dude is fucking nuts and I love it. The live version of ‘One Long Pair…” is fucking epic because of an crazy-ass spoken word intro that just keeps going. The cover of Roxy Music’s ‘More Than This’ is dreamy fun. Second-best cover of the song next to the one by Bill Murray. I took these off of the 12” for ‘Madonna Of The Wasps’.

4 Responses to “April Shower Of Pain”

  1. mike says:

    i just saw robyn last week (?) at tt& the bears in cambridge mass. good post indeed, more people should listen to him in all his incarnations.

  2. matt says:

    Uh Huhn…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh today ’tis a glorious day. As long-time readers of this blog may remember, I plugged the wrong power supply into my external hard drive a few month ago and totally fried it (complete with magic blue smoke). After much sobbing and attempted suicide attempts, my genius friend was able to fix it and recover all of the lovely music that was trapped on it. So today my music collection went from 20GB to over 120GB. “

    hey dude!! the exact same thing happened to me and i found your blog using google, so please find out from your friend how he solved the problem and let me know!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    email: lhansa[at]gmail.com pls if you find out

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