Most Girls Don’t Know That I’m Really Cool and that Chicks Dig Me

I’m going to have to change the subtitle of my blog. Because the more 12” remixes I post the less this becomes a place for “forgotten or overlooked recordings”. I’ll think of something incredibly witty and appropriate over the weekend most likely. Or I’ll just eliminate the subtitle all together and be all mysterious and shit.

Modern English
I Melt With You (Bass Meltdown Mix)
I Melt With You (Stop The Radio Mix)
I have so many damn remixes of this song that I’m spreading them out over a couple of days. These are from the 12” single of the 1990 version of the song.

Die Liebe
Die Grosste Kraft
German industrial rock for people that think Nitzer Eb is too upbeat. These tracks were taken off of a 12” single that I couldn’t figure out the name of.

Fine Young Cannibals
Ever Fallen In Love (Extended Version)
I’ll take covers that should have never been attempted for $500, Alex. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh but I’m not the biggest fan of FYC and the original version of this song by The Buzzcocks is one of my all-time favorites, it connects with me in ways that are way to personal and complex for me to explain here. I’m on a quest to collect every cover of this song. As of right now I have versions by Anti-Flag, Pete Yorn, Novelle Vauge, Thea Gilmore, Anorak and this one. Who am I missing?

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  1. Casper says:

    According to, Ever fallen in love? has been performed by : The Agilmore, Anti-Flag, Chopper, Buzzcocks, FYC, Thea Gilmore, Angie Heaton, London Punkharmonic Orchestra, Amanda Normal Sell, Nouvelle Vague, Social Unrest, Thursday, Pete Yorn.
    And whilst I’m commenting: thanks for the songs!

  2. beketaten says:

    If I could eat this blog, I would!!

    Thank you for saving my life with awesomeness.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the Laibach. FYI they are Slovenian, not German but usually sing in German (Laibach is the German name for Lubliana). They were accused of being Fascist becase they wear uniforms and sing in German – they are not as the lyrics of the songs they sing in English make very clear.

  4. Corey says:

    i want this

  5. Corey says:


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