Parking Machines Shouldn’t Thank Me For My Business

I’m going to refrain from insulting any of my loyal fanbase tonight. I am in a good mood for some strange reason and I don’t feel like bitching and moaning – yeah, I know, I’m surprised too. Before I forget I’d like to recommend an album that came out this week. It’s Myths Of The Future by Klaxons. These British dudes are at the forefront of a ridiculously titled movement that NME dubbed ‘New Rave’. I don’t know what the fuck that means, but if you like dance and punk then you should check it out. They remind me of LCD Soundsystem but with more actual singing.


Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Full Length Remix)
Brimful Of Asha (Mucho Macho Bolan Boogie Mix)
Easy Winners (Part 1)
Easy Winners (Part 2)
I remember when this single first came out. It was pretty big in America but they fucking loved it in England I’m told. I still regularly see When I Was Born For The 7th Time on various “Greatest Of All Time” lists – so maybe one day I’ll get off my ass and actually buy the record. These mixes and b-sides came off a white-label promo. The radio edit of the Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) remix has been on a few compilations, but I’ve never seen this full-length version anywhere. The mucho macho mix isn’t as good as the Norman Cook one but it gets bonus points for the T-Rex references. The ‘Easy Winners’ tracks are only available on Cornershop singles and holy shit are they trippy.

Disco Dancer (12” Version)
Disco Dancer (Bonus Beats)
Holy shit great minds think alike. I was already planning on posting these two tracks this week and lo-and-behold, Lost In The 80s has an entire post on the song! He only put up the single version though, these are remixes that were on the 12” single. The 12” version is available on the reissue of Total Devo.

Simple Minds
Dont You (Forget About Me) Long Version
A Brass Band In African Chimes
I expected for extended mix of ‘Dont You…” just to have 8 minutes of the dude going “la la la la” over and over again, but it’s not – it’s actually just 2 more minutes of the “hey hey hey HEY!” When I was a little kid I loved this song but hated The Breakfast Club. Then when I was a teenager I loved that movie but hated this song. Now I’m pretty much sick of both. I’m convinced that The Breakfast Club is my generation’s The Big Chill and unless you are of the age that the movie is about you hate it. Of course if I ever like The Big Chill regardless of my age I’ll pull a Kevin Costner in that movie and off myself (and then get edited out as as a form of pity by the writer/director get put in a shitty western). Anyways…’A Brass Band’ is half a really good song and half incredibly annoying, because it keeps fading in and out (on purpose) so you think it’s over about three or four times before it’s actually over!

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  1. crash says:

    hmmm nu rave….

    classic 90s rave tv

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, glorious stereo. Keep up the great work…

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