I Was Stuck in Charlie world.

I mentioned it before but I’ll say it again to avoid further confusion. A few to the tracks I’ll be posting over the next few days will still be affected by the ‘monofuck’ as it has been come to be known. As for one commenter’s ‘stereofuck’ I do not notice any such effect. Of the tracks I’m posting tonight, I think only a couple of the Husker Du tracks are in the accidental mono. If anyone notices anything sounding funky with the stereo tracks (aside from the usual problems you get from old vinyl records) let me know. I would prefer you email me though if possible. Email addy is on the sidebar. I think everything sounds fine now, but I think we’ve collectively determined I don’t know shit!

Pearl Jam
Come Back (Live)
The B-side to the 45 of ‘Life Wasted’. I hate it when PJ uses live tracks for B-sides, especially since every single concert they perform now is for sale at their website. Since two of their biggest hits were B-sides (‘Yellow Ledbetter’ and ‘Last Kiss’) you’d think they’d release more studio cuts as b-sides.

The Pretenders
Cuban Slide
Precious (Live)
These songs were taken off an EP that was appropriately titled Extended Play. Porcelain eventually showed up on CD last year when they re-released The Pretenders’ self-titled debut as a two-disc deluxe edition. The version of ‘Cuban Slide’ that is on that two-disc set is a little different than this one I think. I don’t know if this amazingly kick-ass live version of ‘Precious’ ever materialized elsewhere.

Husker Du
Helter Skelter (Live)
All Work And No Play
I remember a Wayne’s World special on MTV where Wayne and Garth made a list of band names that sounded like diseases. The only two from the list I remember are Husker Du and The Dave Clark Five. That’s a great bad joke. These are some B-sides to singles I picked up a few days ago. Everytime is off of the single to ‘Could You Be The One’ and has never made an appearance on a proper Du CD other than a rushed live album. The other two tracks are from the ‘I Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely’ 12-inch. The latter of the two is over eight minutes long, which I must’ve made it a great song for college-rock DJs to play when they had to use the can or score weed. The punk rock DJ at my school had an NOFX track for that.

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