Es Peitschen Gut

I went to a record show this morning and picked up some pretty killer shit. There wasn’t a lot of 80s stuff there unfortunately but I still was able to make out with some nice 12” singles – you’ll be slowly seeing them on the site over the next week or two.

I’ve been noticing a theme in my comment section of late that I really have to nip in the butt right now. Don’t ask me if I have a certain song by Your Favorite Artist – because I probably don’t. I think some people imagine I’m sitting on a throne of 12” singles and I casually pull one out from under my ass and put it online. Everything I have (that isn’t easily available on CD) eventually makes it here. f I don’t have it I’m not going to buy it just because you want it. So, to sum up…don’t ask me for Pat Benatar singles, go to eBay.

The Theme From Doctor Detroit
The Theme From Doctor Detroit (Dance Mix)
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Dan Aykroyd!
Doctor Detroit came out on DVD last year sometime and I really have to get around to watching it. It stars Dan Aykroyd as a college professor who is conned by a bunch of high-class call girls and their pimp (Howard Hesseman!!) into helping them escape the clutches of an evil mob boss by appearing as the pimp’s made-up associate, Doctor Detroit. Oh, and James Brown is in it too. Strangely, the movie is set in Chicago. ‘The Theme From Doctor Detroit’ is only available on Devo’s greatest hits collection, the dance remix and ‘Luv-Luv’ are a lot harder to come by.

The Telephone Call (Remix)
House Phone
Der Telefon Anruf (German Version)
This is the only band nerdier than Devo. ‘House Phone’ is a strangely-named remix of ‘The Telephone Call.’ All three mixes are worth downloading in my opinion.

The Other Two
Tasty Fish (Pascal Mix 12”)
Tasty Fish (O.T. Mix)
Stephen Morris and Gilliam Gilbert of New Order are The Other Two. This song by them is probably one of the catchiest tunes I have ever heard. I don’t think it’s about a particularly delicious mackerel, however.

7 Responses to “Es Peitschen Gut”

  1. Cygnet Committee says:

    “This is the only band nerdier than Devo”. *Grin* Oh yes indeed. Nerdier but also in many ways way cooler perhaps…in a nerdy kind of way ofcourse!

  2. girl across the sea says:

    Devo – the “flower pot” band…I remember being passed down from an older sib some picture disc LP…I so wanted to play it but was told the picture would wear off 😛

    loool I do admire your style…
    No requests from me…just a gracious thank you…

    Good week ahead to you

  3. Floyd Anderson / chronovisor says:

    …why mono and not stereo?…

    cheers, |cv|

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just thanks!
    I’m loving all this stuff.
    It’s like going through the 12-inch bin in a little record store in 1985.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your site is BY FAR the best mp3 blog out there.

    I have been hunting for a Devo song for years – it appeared in the movie Tapeheads in the 80’s. It’s the “Swedish” version of Baby doll. I’m not sure if you take requests but this would be a great one to put up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, why mono?

  7. The Lost Turntable says:

    “Yeah, why mono?”

    Because you touch yourself at night.

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