Sucka MCs Should Call Me Sire

I’m putting up some old-skool rap in celebration of Grandmaster Flash & The furious Five getting in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame earlier this week. I miss the old-skool rap sound and not just because I could never get behind hardcore gangsta rap lyrics. I think that artists like Public Enemy, Slick Rick and the immortal Run DMC had more style and pure rhyming skills than anyone since. Besides, rap songs about fucking bitches, shooting motherfuckers and getting rich are getting real old. I also miss the time when the MC and DJ mattered more than the fucking producer.

Jaz (Featuring Jay-Z)
Hawaiian Sophie (Punch It Mix)
Hawaiian Sophie (Sophie’s Mix)
Hawaiian Sophie (Hula Dub)
Proof that everyone has to start somewhere, this forgotten single from “The Jaz” is the first record ever to feature Jay Z (credited here as Jay Zee). But get your hopes up for some amazing old-skool prequel to ‘Hard Knock Life’ as The Jigga makes little more than a one-line cameo in each of these songs. At least the record features that amazing picture of Jay Z sporting the fade and that totally not-garish-at-all gold rope chain. I hope no one from Rockafella comes to whack me for putting that picture up. Silly as it is ‘Hawaiian Sophie’ is actually a pretty good tune and is definitely one that’ll be stuck in your head for a while. It’s sure as hell better than ‘Show Me What You Got.’

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble (Radio Mix)
Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble (Instrumental Mix)
Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble (Def Mix)
Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble (Def Beat)
This was the duo’s very first single, released on Word-Up Records months before they were signed to a major label (the song also appeared on their first major label record Rock The House). Will Smith used to get a lot of flack from ‘hardcore’ rappers over his family-friendly lyrics and goofy style but I think his early shit was more ‘real’ than 90 percent of the gangsta crap that came out around the same time. Listen to ‘Summertime’ and try to tell me that track still isn’t one of the all-time greatest party jams. Even if you think Smith’s rhymes are corny and dated, you can’t knock the amazing turntable skills of DJ Jazzy Jeff. The Def Mix features some especially well-done scratches.

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  1. Pinder says:

    thanks for the Fresh Prince mixes. i posted a version of Girls Ain’t Nothin But Trouble with dirtier lyrics a while back as well.

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