The (New) New Order Post

I got a little sidetracked this weekend by a movie about Gladiators. Here’s a slightly delayed repost consisting a fuckload (which is even bigger than an assload or a crapload) of New Order songs. The instrumental B-side ‘Thieves Like Us’ was not posted before, and neither were the 80 bagillion remixes of ‘Someone Like you.’

Everything’s Gone Green (Cicada Remix)

Sister Ray (Live)

Fine Time (7 Inch Edit)
Fine Line
Fine Time (Silk Mix)
Fine Time (Messed Around Mix)
Don’t Do It

Round & Round (12” Version)
Round & Round (Club Mix)
Round & Round (12” Remix)
Best And Marsh

Shellshock (Extended Mix)
Thieves Like Us

Blue Monday 1988 Remix
Touched By The Hand Of God (Remix)

Someone Like You (Futureshock Vox Remix)
Someone Like You (Funk D’Void Remix)
Someone Like You (Gabriel & Dresden911 Vocal Mix)
Someone Like You (Holden Heavy Dub)
Someone Like You (Futureshock Strip Down Mix)
Someone Like You (Voco-Tech Dub)

3 Responses to “The (New) New Order Post”

  1. Stu says:

    New Order are awesome, one of my fave bands, thanks heaps for posting the Somneone Like You mixes, they were so hard to get when originally released on vinyl.

    I have the cd singles or Round & Round & Touched by the hand of god, two of their best tracks, and so underated in my opinion.

    You wouldn’t have the Planet Funk mix of Waiting For The Sirens’ Call by any chance?

  2. rsl says:

    Thank you so much.

  3. Floyd Anderson / chronovisor says:

    Good job! It brings me back to NEW ORDER, being a huge fan of them since 1984.

    If you like, you can also mention my blog in yours!

    cheers, |cv|

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