Some New Romantic TV Sound

Midterms are the devil’s work – especially when the professor schedules a comprehensive essay exam the same day a huge group presentation project is due. I feel as if I’m far to old to deal with lazy 19-year-old girls who can’t get their work done for a team project because they’re too busy recovering from a night of ‘clubbing.’ Oh well, New Wave music will set me free.


The Night You Murdered Love (Sheer Chic Mix)
The Night You Murdered Love (The Whole Story)
Love had it coming, we all know that. The ‘Sheer Chic mix’ of the song incorporates a little bit of Chic’s ‘Freak Out’ into it. This is from 1987…so it might be the first ‘mash-up’ ever! The ‘Whole Story’ is about twice as long as the original version and includes a very odd rap by someone calling herself Contessa Lady V. ‘The Whole Story’ is available on some CD reissues of Alphabet City. I took these from the 12” single.

King Without A Crown (The Mendelsohn Mix)
King Without A Crown (The Monarchy Mix)
Look Of Love (Live)
Poison Arrow (Live)
All Of My Heart (Live)
All of these tracks are off of the 12” single for King Without A Crown. Both of these remixes are better than the original in my opinion. According to the back of the sleeve the live tracks are from a concert at the Boston Metro on 12/17/82.

Various Artists
Various Artists is the name of the artist – that’s the worst name for a band or performer in the history of music, and can be added to the ever growing list of “bands impossible to search for on Google” right next to ‘The The’ and ‘!!!’. At least with those bands you can search for song titles, but the majority of work by Various Artists (which is really just a dude named Thorsten Profrock) are just numbers. I guess that’s one way to beat file-sharing services. These three tracks are off of an EP he released a few years ago. This is some super-ambient experimental shit. If you like Aphex Twin and other artists of that ilk you should dig it. If not then don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Classic tracks, always liked the Contessa Lady V rap – much underrated band. good erasure choice too, can we expect ‘Drama’ and ‘Star’?

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