Rocket All Night

I was able to find some stuff by some artists that I already haven’t posted about 5 milllion times already! So if you’re sick of New Order, A-ha and Ministry (although how could you be?!?) here’s some stuff that might surprise you (and some more Love & Rockets because I felt like it.)

Love & Rockets
Mirror People (Live)
David Lanfair
No Big Deal (12” Mix)
1000 Watts Of Your Love (Live KROQ Recording)
No Words No More (Live KCRW Recording)
These are the rest of my Love & Rockets tracks, so don’t go asking for anymore. I’m actually not that big a fan of the group (I’m more of a Bauhaus fan myself) but I dug most of these especially the live version of ‘1,000 Watts Of Your Love’ which is a live recording from a radio show. On the other hand ‘David Lanfair’ is one of the strangest things I have ever heard, and I have no idea what the fuck is going on when I listen to it. If anyone would like to shed some light on it please do.

Cream (NPG Mix)
Things Have Gotta Change (Tony M. Rap)
2 The Wire
Get Some Solo
Do Your Dance (KC’s Remix)
Q In Doubt (Remix)
Ethereal Mix
I’ve been told that Prince had mountains of B-sides, rarities and various unreleased recordings that he’s just sitting on for no apparent reason (save for the fact that he’s batshit crazy.) Prince fans are pretty hardcore, so it’s hard to find singles and EPs that feature any of his classic tracks, nearly everything I’ve seen has been from his “Artist Formerly Known As…” period and who the fuck needs that? I was very happy to find this Maxi-Single for ‘Cream’, that includes several hard-to-find tracks and some awesome mixes of that super-great sexy song. Now if I could only find the single to ‘P Control…’

Paperbag Writer
Where Bluebirds Fly
I Am A Wicked Child
I Am Citizen Insane
These are B-sides to two ‘Hail To The Thief’ singles and add further evidence to my theory that Thom Yorke wants to be Aphex Twin when he grows up.

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  1. Richard says:

    re: Prince

    It depends on what kind of production quality you’re looking for, from Prince’s unreleased catalogue. The Black album intended for release in 1987 was forfieted for Love Sexy, yet not released until 1994. It sounds very dated musically, however it was Prince circa ’86 after all.

    The Black Album torrent

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you are so inclined…the single
    to P Control is Track 12,which can be found on “The Gold Experience” cd,which was released in 1995. As you say…His Artist O(+> Formerly Known As Period..and who the ****! needs that?…………….You do!
    The cd single is extremely!!!!rare.
    It is worth close to a thousand dollars. A few Rarities from “The Gold Experience” R “Purple Medley”
    “Kirk J’s B-Sides Remix”,”Rock N’ Roll is Alive” and of course “The Beautiful Experience” (7 Track cd),
    which is different from the (2Trk)
    single “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”,which was released as the first single by O(+>.

  3. Michelle says:

    just wanted to tell you about the track David Lanfair. He was a college student from Kutztown University in PA in the late 80's and sent them a tape of questions to answer so they turned it into a track with added music. I had forgotten about it and someone recently brought it up. I was a fellow student of his. Neat guy, that Dave. I have no idea where he is now though..
    Hope that helps solve your mystery.

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