Someone Oingo’d my Boingo

I’ve noticed that I’ve been posting tracks by the same bands recently. I’ll try to mix it up in the coming weeks, I’m just trying to clear out some of the stuff that’s been sitting on my to-do shelf lately. I have some other stuff already done I wanted to upload, but it’s currently on my fried hard drive that my computer geek friend says she’ll recover for me later this week. Until then here’s some more good 80s stuff.

A Little Respect (12” House Mix)
A Little Respect (12” UK Mix)
A Little Respect (12” Vocal Mix)
Who Needs A Love Like That (The Love That Mix Version)
Push Me Shove Me (That Rough and Tumble Mix)
Heavenly Action (Divine Mix)
I have eight remixes of ‘A Little Respect’ but I figured these three were enough. Even I have to show a little restraint once in a while. All of these tracks are B-sides to various 12” singles.

Secret (New 12” Mix)
Secret (Old 12” Mix)
Telegraph (Live)
‘Secret’ is a really good song that in my opinion is nearly ruined by that really annoying voice that pops up during the chorus to whine ‘Seeeecreeeet.’ Good mixes regardless. This live version of ‘Telegraph’ is from a 1983 concert.

Oingo Boingo
Not My Slave (Extended Mix)
Not My Slave (Club Dub Mix)
Oingo Boingo is one of the hardest 80s groups to find rare vinyl for, ranking right up there with The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen, so I’m happy I scored this 12”. Danny Elfmann fans are fucking hardcore man. And, no offense to the Elfmann fans out there, all the ones I’ve met are kind of dicks with lousy taste in music. I’m sure not all of you are, but there seems to be a surprising amount of assholes out there that only seem to like Danny Elfmann and random shit like Ace Of Base and Celine Dion. I have no idea why. It’s kind of like Def Leppard fans (or which I am one) who has a CD collection that is composed almost entirely of Warrant and Winger albums – such a damn shame.

All Stood Still (Remix)
Alles Klar
Keep Trying
I’m a pretty big Ultravox fan but I really can’t see any big differences between this remix of ‘All Stood Still’ and the original. The two B-sides (which are only available on some compilations) are nice ones though.

Birthday (Icelandic Version)
Cold Sweat (Instrumental)
Cold Sweat (Meat Mix)
Cold Sweat (Live)
Cowboy (Live)
Fucking In Rhythm & Sorrow (Live)
I read somewhere that The Sugarcubes are the best-selling musical group ever to come out of Iceland. Is that true? I’m assuming it has to be, I can’t imagine Sigur Ros or Mum really approaching the level of success The ‘Cubes did anytime soon. These remixes and live cuts are B-sides to two 12” I picked up a few months ago. All of them are happily light on Reinar’s screaming and the live version of ‘Fucking In Rhythm & Sorrow’ is a must-listen.

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  1. Niclas says:

    Thanx for a great blog. You always got interesting stuff here! Keep up the good work:-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Just discovered your blog yesterday and was up half the night reading. Great stuff. I can’t believe I’ve got Neil Young’s Trans! Woo Hoo!

  3. Cry V says:

    juste pour dire que ce blog est tres goutu continuer comme ca.

    best wishes 07

  4. El says:

    Thank you for these tracks! Always more Erasure please 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    What is the “new” Secret? Was it just recently recorded?

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