Me Take On

I’m trying to post as much as possible this week because I’ll probably be unable to post much of anything for the two weeks surrounding Christmas. I’m planning on something big for the holiday though, so hopefully I’ll get that’ll be ready soon. Until then enjoy some more misc. remixes and random 80s tunes!

Luscious Jackson
Deep Shag (Sunny Ray Mix)
Deep Shag (Aqua Magic Remix)
Last month I put up some remixes of ‘Naked Eye’ and briefly mentioned LJ’s connection to The Beastie Boys in my post. A week later I was looking over my statcounter info for my site, seeing where I’m linked from and stuff, and I found out that someone got to that post because they did a search for ‘naked boys.’ That’s icky. I don’t wanna know what weird search results I’ll show up in now that I have a post with the words ‘daddy’ and ‘shag’ in it. Vagina.

Iron Man
I found this off of some weird comp from Mystic Records. I hadn’t heard of any of the bands on it until NOFX showed up. This cover of the Sabbath classic is….well…um….words don’t do it justice. As far as I know this isn’t on CD.

Take On Me (Extended Version)
When I was a kid I wanted to get sucked into the magical comic book world from this video. But maybe that wouldn’t be that cool after all…

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  1. Jude says:

    What I really love is the fact the MacFarlane will go off and use some scatterbrained 80’s concept/reference and not give a shit if younger viewers get it or not. It’s as though he considers their confusion as THEIR problem. I’ll admit it’s a little much at times, but he’s remained consistant.

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