This post kicks ass and chews bubblegum

They Live Original Soundtrack Recording
It don’t get much rarer than this shit.
They Live is a great movie and the soundtrack is just as good. Of course, it being an in-demand soundtrack to a cult classic sci-fi film , it’s out of print (way to go record label, way to go). If you want an actual CD of the soundtrack and not a CDR you’ll probably have to fork over close to a hundred bucks. I see that and I’m all like ‘fuck that shit.’ I found the vinyl today for five bucks. Enjoy. A little hint for you guys too, if you like John Carpenter’s scores then you might want to bookmark this site for the next few weeks…I scored some major finds this week.

2 Responses to “This post kicks ass and chews bubblegum”

  1. Bibulb says:

    If that might include the soundtrack to Dark Star, I owe you a big bowl of peanuts.

    (And thinks for this one, incidentally…)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any recommendations on which program to get to unzip TAR files?

    Lovin the Depechemode/Erasure stuff too!

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