Radio Free Anti-Depressant

I got a Wii today the fact that I can even use my hands is downright amazing. Enjoy the 80s-ness.

Roger Waters
Radio Waves (Remix)
Radio Waves (7 Inch Mix)
Going To Live In L.A.
Ah, Roger Waters, everyone’s favorite asshole bass player. Did anyone out there check out his latest album, that opera or whatever? Didn’t think so. I saw him live about eight years ago. It was an alright show, but he played way too much of Amused To Death (boring album) and his resident David Gilmour replacement sucked. From what I remember he pretty much avoided Radio KAOS all together, which is probably for the best considering just how damned depressing the thing is (of course you could say that about everything the man’s ever written I guess.) The album did have ‘Radio Waves’ though, a fairly upbeat and catchy tune. These mixes of that song, as well as the rare (and surprisingly good) B-side ‘Going To Live In L.A.’ are off of the ‘Radio Waves’ 12-inch single.

Song Of Life (Club Mix)
Who’s up for some early 90s progressive trance music? Well I am, so shove it.

Yaz (AKA Yazoo)
Situation (Dub Version)
I swear to God this is the last remix of this song I’ll post.

New Order
Fine Time (7 Inch Edit)
Fine Line
Fine Time (Silk Mix)
Fine Time (Messed Around Mix)
Don’t Do It
I cannot make the same promise for New Order mixes though, I will post them until I can’t find no more. I don’t suppose anyone has a problem with that though.

3 Responses to “Radio Free Anti-Depressant”

  1. esque says:

    No problem. At. All.

  2. r says:

    Great site. Thanks! Although I can’t agree with your review of Amused to Death. I’ve been looking for “When the Wind Blows” by Roger Waters. That would be really great! Talk about depressing and slow. That is why it is so great!

  3. girlacrossthesea says:

    Oh my God I only had one last copy of Yaz – Situation…on a cassette…in a mini ghetto blaster that got stolen when I was at the beach few years ago…so thank yoooooooou!!

    Merry Christmas


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