Hit Me With Your Benefit

Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea
Benefit concerts were all the rage in the late 70s and early 80s – I guess if there’s going to be fad in pop music it might as well be one that can help people. This one was for the victims of Pol Pot in Cambodia. Recorded in 1979 it features quite the unusual line-up, with 70s megastars like The Who sharing the stage with The Pretenders and Ian Dury. There were in fact four seperate concerts held, but this LP only features a few songs from each night. The selections are a little odd though, while The Who get an entire side (as they should), Queen and The Clash only get one song each. Fuckin’ Wings, on the other hand, get half of the last side.

The record closes with a performance by Rockestra, which was a supergroup organized by Paul McCartney for the Wings album Back To The Egg. It’s not really a supergroup as much as it is a really big jam, and it featured over 20 musicians rocking out. Rockestra included superstars Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney (with Linda), Robert Plan, John Paul Jones, John Bonham (less than a year before his death), and Dave Edmunds. Also on stage is Gary Brooker of Procul Harum, James Honeyman-Scott of The Pretenders (less than two years before his untimely death), Kenney Jones of The Faces (and replacement drummer of The Who) Denny Laine from The Moody Blues, and Bruce Thomas from The Faces. Most of Wings was up there as well.

Since the album is long out of print I’m putting the whole thing up as a zip file. I also didn’t feel like uploading 20 individual tracks and posting the links to all of them. It’s a big file but it’s well worth it in my opinion.

Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea
The Who
Baba O’Riley
Sister Disco
Behind Blue Eyes
See Me, Feel Me

The Pretenders

The Wait
Tattooed Love Boys

Elvis Costello & The Attractions – The Imposter
Rockpile – Crawling From The Wreckage
Rockpile & Robert Plant – Little Sister
Queen – Now I’m Here
The Clash – Amragideon Time
Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (note: this song is awesome)
The Specials – Monkey Man

Paul McCartney & Wings
Got To Get You Into My Life
Every Night
Coming Up

Let It Be
Rockestra Theme

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for that.

  2. Karim Amir says:

    what happened to the Urgh! Yahoo group?

  3. aikin says:

    this is an awesome album! I actually own it and was thinking about one day posting some tracks from it. But since you beat me to it, I guess I’ll stick with the hair metal and such!!

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