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Depeche Mode
John The Revelator (UNKLE dub)
Lilian (Robag Wruhme Slomoschen Kikker)
I didn’t pick up Playing The Angel, mostly because I really hate that song ‘Precious.’ However, in a bass-ackwards move typical of me, I did buy the limited edition picture disc of ‘John The Revelator.’ Here are the two remixes off of that.

Elevation (Escalation Mix)
Elevation (Influx Remix)
Elevation (Quincey & Sonance Remix)
The album version of this song kind of sucks – it lacks energy and is just boring. The mix that was made for the Tomb Raider soundtrack was fucking awesome, and was easily one of the best singles of that year. These mixes are somewhere in between. The Eastern-flavored Influx Remix is pretty nice, but the Escalation Mix just keeps going…and going…and going. I thought I was playing it at the wrong speed.

Talking Heads
And She Was (Extended Remix)
Television Man (Extended Remix)
Blind (Extended Remix)
Extended remixes!! I love me some extended remixes. Roger Ebert once said that a good movie is never long enough and bad movie isn’t over a second too soon. I feel the same way about some songs. I could listen to ‘And She Was’ That being said, I really have nothing to say about The Talking Heads. It is the Talking Heads after all, I think every relevant thing about them has been said. Rock on.

3 Responses to “Logolicious”

  1. john says:

    Thanks for The Talking Heads remixes.
    Any chance you have the Radio Head extended version?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everything has been said except that they have got to record together again!

    Thanks for the posts.

  3. Chris says:

    Very fun Talking Heads remixes! Thanks for posting these.

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