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Wow. Since I started this blog in May I was averaging about 1,000 individual hits a month – and I thought that was totally awesome. But now, thanks to blogs like Lost In The 80s, A Closet Of Curiosities, and most notably Totally Fuzzy, I’m getting more than 1,000 hits a day! Hits from all over the world too – I finally got a long-awaited hit from Finland, that makes me happy for some reason. Anyways, I’d like to welcome all of my new visitors, and hope you stick around (and maybe start posting some more comments people)! Let’s see how long it takes for me to alienate all of you because of technological problems/overly obscure music/offensive rants.

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School Of Fish – Live In L.A.
I never heard of School Of Fish until about two days ago – a day after I bought this record. I only picked up because of its interesting choice of covers (Father Figure and Takin’ Care Of Business!) and was pleasantly surprised with how good the whole thing was. After doing some quick Googling I was bummed to see that the band broke up after two albums. I was even more bummed to see that Josh Clayton-Felt, their lead singer/guitar player, died at age of 32 from testicular cancer. I now desperately want to seek out the two solo albums he recorded before his way-too-soon death.

This live EP was labeled at the record store as a ‘promo import’ and I don’t think anything on it is available on CD. If I’m wrong, or if any of you have any additional info on these guys please let me know.

School Of Fish – Live In L.A.
1. Father Figure
2. That’s All Right Mama
3. Takin’ Care Of Business
4. King Of The Dollar
5. Talk Like Strangers
3. Deep End

Aerosmith – Once Is Enough
Yeah, they suck now but they used to be the rock! ‘Dream On’? ‘Mama Kin’? ‘Toys In The Attic’? Totally make you rock out with your cock out. This blues-tinged rocker is seriously groovin’ and its relegation to the B-side to the vastly inferior ‘Dude (Looks Like A Lady)’ is utterly confounding.

Steve Stevens – Warm Female
For some reason my memory of seeing Billy Idol for the first time is crystal clear. I was watching MTV and the video for ‘Born To Be A Lover’ came on (if you want to see it you got a computer, you got YouTube, don’t be so damn lazy). I was probably eight at the time and for some reason I was more captivated by his freaky guitar player than either Billy’s scary sneer or the song itself. I think he was the first person I ever saw that had massively huge hair – seriously it was like someone killed a poodle and put it on his head. Anyways, as most of you probably know that walking cosmetic disaster was Steve Stevens – a stellar guitar player who also worked with Michael Jackson, Rick Ocasek and lots of other people. In addition to all that he’s also released some solo records that are surprisingly good. This track was the B-side to his first single ‘Atomic Playboys’ (God, how 80s is that) and was co-written by Iggy Pop.

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  1. Bill V says:

    School of Fish had a semi-hit around 1989 or 1990 with “Three Strange Days.” Had a sorta manufactured college radio-crossover vibe. WDVE used to play that song a lot

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just found this blog and I’m delighted with it but I am sorry to see that these School of Fish files have been removed. My neice is a HUGE fan of School of Fish and I’d love to be able to get her this show. If they’re available somewhere else online or if I could get them emailed to me, I would GREATLY appreciate it and you’d make my neice extremely happy. You can email me at blinkie64 @ Thanks in advance for your help!

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