I’m Sure I’ll Destroy Myself Under All This Pressure

Nothing but complete records today. I’m also experimenting with a different way of listing the tracks, so bear with me.

New Order – Round & Round (12′ Single)
This is the 80 bagillionth New Order single I’ve featured on this blog. It’s not my fault that they are just that awesome. The B-Side to this single, ‘Best And March’ is a great instrumental – and its a shame its never gotten a wide release.

Round & Round (12′ Single)
1. Round & Round (12′ Version)
2. Round & Round (Club Mix)
3. Round & Round (12′ Remix)
4. Best And March

Electronic – Get The Message

Electronic is the on-again/off-agan side project of New Order’s Bernard Summer and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr. When you consider that, the band isn’t nearly as good or as popular as it should be. Still, they released some pretty solid singles, including this one from 1991.

Get The Message (12′ Single)
1. Get The Message (Extended Mix)
2. Free Will (Extended Mix)
3. Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix)
4. Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix)

Living Colour – Live at TT The Bear
No one from Living Colour is British, but they spell their name like they are. That’s very confusing to me, of course I’m easily confused. I’m also easily distracted…I remember this one time when I was walking down the street and this…dammit, see what I mean? Anyways, when Living Colour first burst onto the scene in 1988 they earned a lot of critical acclaim, and needless comparisons to Jimi Hendrix. Has there ever been a rock group fronted by a black dude that hasn’t been compared to Hendrix? Shit, I’ve heard people compare fucking Sevendust to Jimi Hendrix, and they have about as much in common with Hendrix as Suzanne Vega does. Living Colour sounds like Living Colour, and not many other bands. These live tracks were taken off of a 12′ promo single for ‘Cult Of Personality.’ Strangely, it has no live cut of that song. Don’t let that stop you from checking this four-track set out though – their cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin’ Bout A Revolution’ alone makes it worth the download.

Living Colour – Live At TT The Bear
1. Talkin’ Bout A Revolution
2. Glamour Boys
3. Open Letter (To A Landlord)
4. Middle Man

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