Negativ is Positiv

I hope all of you had a delightfully disturbing Halloween. I spent my Halloween having my mind fucked at a Negativland concert. Negativland, for those of you who don’t know, are a highly influential sound collage/experimental music band from San Francisco who have been releasing revolutionary recordings since the early 80s. They helped lay the groundwork for mash-ups, intelligent dance music, glitch-pop and countless other experimental music movements since then – and I haven’t even mentioned their work fighting copyrights and intellectual property issues. Check out their site and their wiki for more info. If they’re coming to your town I highly recommend checking them out.

Since Negativland has burnt me out my need to listen and share obscuro records for the moment, so I’ve decided to post some stuff people actually might be looking for. But don’t worry, I have a compilation of radio news broadcasts from 1983 that I’ll be uploading very soon.

I’m not kidding.

The Raconteurs
Hands (Live)
It’ Ain’t Easy
The lack of Raconteurs B-sides makes me very sad. Jack White is a fucking workhorse, I do not believe that the band only recorded the10 songs that are on their album. Come on you Detroit bastard, get with the import singles already! What’s an obsessive music geek to do? All I got are these live tracks from the ‘Hands’ single. Their cover of ‘It Ain’t Easy’ is pretty good.

Arctic Monkeys
Stickin’ To The Floor
I posted an Arctic Monkeys B-side before, so why not again? Both of these are off of the import single to ‘When The Sun Goes Down.’ Semi-random comment: I love this guy’s voice.

Beck – Halo Of Gold
The B-side to ‘Tropicalia’, the first 45 I ever bought.

Franz Ferdinand
Get Away
The Fallen (Acoustic)
Sure, they may be redundant, overrated and more than a little bit gay, but I still love them. ‘Get Away’ is the B-side to ‘Do You Want To’ and is very ’60s mod. Their acoustic take on ‘The Fallen’ is excellent and watch a motherfucker to record (it skipped like crazy) so download it and enjoy.

Kate Bush – Sexual Healing
Okay, so she doesn’t blend with The Raconteurs, Franz Ferdinand and so on, but I like her nonetheless. This is the b-side to ‘King Of The Mountain’ her first single off her underheard 2005 album ‘Aerial.’ Unfortunately, it’s off a picture disc, so the quality is kind of meh.

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