Vampires should eat David Caruso too

Time for the obligitory Halloween-related download!

The Original Music From ABC-TV’s Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows was the best vampire soap opera ever! Okay, so it was the only vampire soap opera ever, but whatever, my hypothesis still works. I wasn’t around when the show first aired, but I know a bit about it. What most people don’t know is that it started out as a fairly bland run-of-the-mill soap opera with mediocre ratings – until about a year into the show, when the vampire Barnabas Collins showed up and fucked shit up hardcore.

I respect a show that does something like that, and I think others should follow in its path! Think about it for a second. Yes Dear is a shitty stupid little show, now imagine if zombies showed up and ate half the cast! That would be totally awesome! ER sucks…so maybe a werewolf should show up and eat John Stamos (of course, I’ve been wishing that would happen for years.) Law & Order has been on for over a decade now and is getting a little stale, I say an alien invasion is in order.

Hey Dick Wolf, call me!

Oh yeah….the soundtrack. This album came out in 1969 and features the series score and some odd songs featuring monologues by Quentin and Barnabas. If you liked the show you should dig it.

Now for some non-scary stuff.

Yellow Magic Orchestra
Nice Age
Day Tripper
I have no idea who these guys are. I picked up this record on a whim, just because of the insane cover, and was delighted to find the music is just as nutty as the sleeve protecting it. ‘Nice Age’ sounds like a combination of The Cars and Gary Numan (in Japan) and their cover of ‘Day Tripper’ is just…fucked.

Queen – Westwood Radio One Concert
This was my biggest find from the recent record show that was in Pittsburgh. I’ve seen a few ‘Superstar Concert Series’ LPs before, but I never wanted to shell out the money for them. Of course, that was before I found one by Queen. I payed too much for this (40 bucks) but I don’t care, it’s motherfucking Queen! Taken from their 1986 tour (which happened to be their last) this 18-song concert is a great collection of ‘classic’ Queen as well as their later stuff. Highlights include the opener ‘One Vision’ (which I mistakenly labeled ‘One Hope’ in the zip file – sorry about that), a seriously rocking cover of ‘Tutti Frutti’ and the underrated ‘Seven Seas Of Rhyme.’ I split it up into four zip files because it was so damn big.

Part 1
1. One Hope
2. Tie Your Mother Down
3. Hammer To Fall
4. Seven Seas Of Rhyme
5. It’s A Kind Of Magic

Part 2
6. Under Pressure
7. Another One Bites The Dust
8. I Want To Break Free
9. Instrumental (if you know what this is let me know)
10. Now I’m Here

Part 3
11. Love Of My Life
12. Is This The World We Created
13. You’re So Square (Baby, I Don’t Care)
14. Hello Mary Lou
15. Tutti Frutti

Part 4
16. Bohemian Rhapsody
17. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
18. We Are The Champions

5 Responses to “Vampires should eat David Caruso too”

  1. allen says:

    This Queen boot isn’t called A Day at the Stadium by any chance? I bought that years ago and found out it was exactly the same concert as the Wembly live concert that was released a year later. How is this different or better than the Wembly ’86 show?

  2. The Lost Turntable says:

    I looked around online and I found out some stuff. This concert is from Knebworth, so it’s definitely NOT the Wembly show, but it was taken on the same tour. However, parts of it were used on the official 1986 live release Live Magic. That album was culled from several concerts though, so some tracks are different (i.e. it has ‘We WIll Rock You’ but not ‘Tutti Frutti.’) Thanks for the interest!

  3. E says:

    I think you mislabelled the Yellow Magic Orchestra songs. Nice age is actually Technopolis and Day Tripper is Solid State Survivor.

  4. Jamey says:

    Great job on the Queen show! Very clean sounding vinyl rip and, considering that, the $40 wasn’t “too much” to pay. (Hopefully the cue sheets & any other inserts were also included!) My fave parts were the audience serenading the band on ‘Love Of My Life’ and Freddy’s Elvis vamp on ‘You’re So Square’. One small point though, it’s ‘Seven Seas Of Rhye’ (not Rhyme).

    Great Blog and a thanks to ‘Lost In The 80s’ also for leading ne here!!! Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve just got to see what else is still available from your other posts!!!!

  5. DavesWorld56 says:

    I just happen to have that “Dark Shadows” LP Here:
    Dark Shadows Music Soundtrack LP.
    Thanks for this great blog.

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