I’m Only Available on a Specially-Priced Maxi-Single (Japanese Import Only)

Ugh, I’ve been very busy and I am very tired so unfortunately this post will be shorter than I originally intended. I apologize for the lack of updates this past week, blame my fucking economics class. And you can blame the lack of updates the rest of the week on my brother’s impending wedding that I will be in. I’m going to try and upload some more stuff tomorrow night, including some good Siouxsie And The Banshees B-sides, some Springsteen rarities and an incredibly hard-to-find soundtrack to an 80s horror movie…

You’re luck you’re getting anything though considering the response (or lack there of) my last post got! Those were three of the weirdest albums in my collection, and I was hoping for at least some kind of reaction, whether it be “that was nuts” or “fuck you!” I especially thought someone, somewhere would’ve had something to say about The Happy Moog! If you passed it over because Moog music isn’t your thing, I implore you to check it out – it’s one of the strangest records you’ll ever hear.

And while I’m begging, please download Music From Mathematics if you already haven’t and give it a listen. Many of you seem to dig electronic stuff and it’ll do you good to find out your roots!

David Bowie
Time Will Crawl (Extended Mix)
Girls (Extended Mix)
Girls (Japan Version)
I mentioned a little bit ago that in the 80s David Bowie recorded album (Never Let Me Down) that even he thought was a piece of shit. Well, ‘Time Will Crawl’ is off of that album – enjoy! Seriously though, ‘Time Will Crawl’ is probably the best song off that album and this extended version is pretty good too. The B-sides to this one are more interesting though. I’ve never heard of this extended version of ‘Girls’ anywhere – in fact, I’ve never heard of the original version either so I don’t know where else you’re going to find this one. The Japan version is the non-extended version sung in Japanese. Its not as interesting as the German version of ‘Heroes’ but it’s fun.

New Order
Shellshock (Extended Mix)
This is an extended dance mix of an already incredibly danceable song by those godfathers of 80s dance New Order. Download it and dance.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix)
Probably the only thing more bizarre than a political song by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (the pervs that brought you ‘Relax’) is the fact that its a pretty damn good song. ‘Two Tribes’ was the closest thing the band had to a hit in the states after their infamous first single, and was probably done as a way of showing that the band was capable of more than singing instructional ditties about how not to blow your load too quick. This extended mix is off of an EP of the same name.

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  1. E says:

    Thanks for upbraiding me into downloading the Moog and Mathematics albums. They’re both pretty good.

  2. Ashley Plath says:

    Thanks for the Bowie.
    This is a seriously great blog!

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