I’d bang Shirey Bassey tonight if she asked me to.

Later this week I will be putting up the strangest collection of bizarre shit I have ever posted – not only that, most of it will be in the form of complete albums. So if random 90s electronic music isn’t your thing (and why isn’t it?) then come back in a couple of days…

The Propellerheads
History Repeating (Knee Dip Mix)
History Repeating (Ankle Length Mix)
History Repeating (Hip Length Mix)
In my last post I discussed the amazing vanishing act that was Luscious Jackson. In keeping with the “What the hell happened to them?” theme, I present The Propellerheads.

The Propellerheads are one of the reasons I got into electronic music. Their 1998 debut album, Decksanddrumsandrockandroll was just what the title suggested, a perfect mix of electronic music and rock, fusing live instrumentation and DJ skills in a way I have never heard before. It’s full of great tracks, from their stunning remix of the theme to the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” to the loopy psychedelic fun of ‘Velvet Pants’ and ‘Take California,’ it’s one of those records that really has it all.

So what the hell happened to them? Will White, half of the duo, became very ill in the late 90s, so much so that they had to slow things down for a bit, working on various side gigs since the beginning of the millennium. That long-rumored second album is supposed to be coming out soon though!

In the meantime, enjoy these these three remixes of ‘History Repeating,’ their bitchin’ collaboration Shirley Bassey – the who sung the theme to the Bond classic Goldeneye Goldfinger (EDIT: I’m an idiot). These tracks are off of a 12-inch single.

Lifted (Industrial Mix)
Lifted (Industrial Mix Instrumental)
From the “Where Are They Know?” file to the “Who The Hell Are These Guys?” one. I have no idea who these dudes are, I picked up this single because it featured remixes by The Dust Brothers. I’m diggin’ it, but I suspected that was only so because of The Dust Brothers – and a quick sampling of their actual, non-remixed, music proved me right. Bummer.

4 Responses to “I’d bang Shirey Bassey tonight if she asked me to.”

  1. Dan says:

    Goldfinger, dude, Goldfinger!!!

    (the movie, not the band)

  2. Reini says:

    ..some infos of “XC-NN”: http://www.jariss.com/XCNN.html

    One of their members played the guitar for “The Sisters of Mercy” before…

  3. DannoHung says:

    Oh man, I’d never heard those History Repeating mixes… I lament the hissy/poppynes…

  4. The Lost Turntable says:

    Do you think the sound is that bad? I picked up a few pops but I didn’t think it was anything that noticable. I do what I can to clean them up but they are from records and their is only so much I can do! Let me know if you have any ideas to make the quality better and I’d be happy to try it!

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