I’m Naked Right Now

I recently added a bunch of blogs to my blog roll on the right over there. A lot of them focus on rare and hard to find albums, especially soundtracks, so you should totally check them out.

Luscious Jackson

Naked Eye (Original Mix)
Naked Eye (Totally Nude Mix)
Naked Eye (Tony’s Magic Mix)
Naked Eye (20/20 Mix)
Naked Eye (Suntan Knee-Hi Mix Instrumental)
Banana’s Box
Foster’s Lover
Are there still any Luscious Jackson fans out there? I remember when this song broke and they seemed to be fucking everywhere. And then *poof!* they were gone. Wasn’t one of them related to a Beastie Boy, or dating a Beastie Boy, or something with a Beastie Boy? I seem to recall there being a definite Beastie Boys/Luscious Jackson connection going on (aside from LJ being on the Boys’ label Grand Royale.) All of these songs and remixes come off of a Naked Eye EP. The two Non-‘Naked Eye’ tracks, ‘Banana Box’ and ‘Foster’s Lover,’ never came out on the states on CD. Also of note, this thing has a really annoying misprint that made labeling these tracks a real mother.

X – Wild Thing
It’s time for another random cover!! Yay!! I don’t know nearly enough about X to go into some long-winded thing about them, so I’ll just say that they rock and you should buy some of their shit. Also, if your a fan of obscure 80s music documentaries and have worn down your 8thUrgh! then try to track down a copy of The Decline Of Western Civilization. It has some great footage of X as well as other LA punk rock bands like The Germs and Fear.

Don’t Go (Remix)
Don’t Go (Re-Remix)
I know I just put some Yaz tracks up a few days ago, but here at The Lost Turntable we (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’…or is that ‘I’…whatever) are all about redundancy. We are also about being redundant and repeating ourselves. Okay, enough grammar and vocab jokes. Both of these remixes came off of the ‘Don’t Go’ 12-inch single. I love this one because it calls the second remix a ‘re-remix’ and it also lists its B-side (the album cut ‘Winter Kills’) as “not Remixed, Not Extended” so it saved me the time of comparing it to the original. Way to help me be efficient Yaz! Here at The Lost Turntable we are all about efficiency…and redundancy…and filling space with really stupid jokes when we can’t think of anything interesting.

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  1. The Ox says:

    Hey there, one of the members of LJ was in the ORIGINAL original Beastie Boys line-up. I wanna say it was Kate Schellenbach but I’m not 100% certain. They got signed to Grand Royal when they ran into each other at a mutual friend’s funeral in the early 90’s. The original LJ line-up was just Jill Cunniff and Gabrielle Glaser, and the demo tape they gave to the boys consisted of the first 5 tracks of the In Search Of Manny EP. From what I understand, they weren’t re-recorded or anything, but they may have been remixed. Anyway, the line-up was completed with Vivian Trimble and Kate who also appeared on that ep’s last 2 tracks. If you and check the Beastie’s video for Holy Snappers you’ll see one of the ladies jumping around and having crazy fun making crazy faces.

  2. allen says:

    X’s Wild Gift and The Blasters’ debut album, both on Slash Records in 1981?) were listed by Time Magazine as the best albums of the year that year.
    It prompted me as a 15 year old who read Time to go and buy it immediately.(The X) Of course I had already been seeing their names in various undergrounds for singles like White Girl.
    But, that was a hugely important album for me. Over the years they became less punk and more country. This was the album that, after Los Angeles, suggested they had more to their cred than just punk.
    MY band name checks the album in our song, “Joey Enough” because it was true, I did burn a hole in Wild Gift that summer, I had to buy a new one, I could hear the other side coming through the record.
    you can hear it at http://www.myspace.com/throttlebacksparky

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