I’ve Got To ‘Ave It

I’m glad I got a couple responses to last week’s rant about Pitchfork. If you feel the same way about them, I suggest checking out Daytrotter. They’re similar to Pitchfork, but their reviewers don’t walk on hipster horses that judge you if you happen to like a single that is in the Top 40.

On to the rock.

John Lydon – The Rabbit Song
Yes, more John Lydon. I don’t care if I’ve already posted tracks by The Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd. and Time Zone, I just love the cranky bastard. This is a strange-ass song. It’s off of an excellent compilation of Lydon’s greatest hits called The Best Of British £1 Notes which features Lydon’s best work from all of those previously mentioned bands, as well as some other collaborations he’s done over the years. This track is touted as one coming off of his ‘soon-to-be-released album’ but since it’s been nearly a decade since his first (and last) came out I’m not exactly holding my breath.

Still, this track is pretty fucking out there – much like early PiL it rambles on, switching meter about halfway through and breaking its own rhyme structure more than once. It’s the musical equivalent of one of my blog postings.

Peter Gabriel
In Your Eyes (Special Mix)
Sledgehammer (Extended Dance Mix)
When I was a kid I loved ‘Sledgehammer.’ It was probably because of that awesome video (which is still the most played video in MTV history) and not because of the lyrics. I was five at the time after all, and I most likely didn’t realize the song I was singing while jumping up and down on my bed was actually about some serious hardcore fucking. Of course, I bet most of America, regardless of their age, didn’t know that either, just look at the popularity of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax.’

On the other hand, everyone knows what ‘In Your Eyes’ is about. It’s about Llyod Dobler’s unconditional love towards Diane Court. The ‘In Your Eyes’ remix is the B-side on the 12-inch single to ‘Don’t Give Up’ and the extended dance mix of Sledgehammer is off of that song’s 12-inch import.

Neil Young
Computer Age
We R In Control
These two songs are off of Trans, which is Neil Young’s electronic album. I’ll repeat that – Neil Young recorded an electronic album. Between this one and some of the records he recorded after it, Geffen Records actually sued him for, well, not sounding like Neil Young. Not surprisingly, this album has never been released on CD in America. If I can ever dig up my LP, I record the rest of it and put it on here.

3 Responses to “I’ve Got To ‘Ave It”

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the mention. We have been known to crank up a top 40 tune here in the daytrotter HQ from time-to-time. We also listen to a little classical and a lot of jazz.

  2. KiDG says:

    Great blog u run, dude…
    Pls put up the rest of Neil Young’s Trans album…been hunting for that for ages now. Saw it once in a bargain bin but didn’t get it…aye…

  3. Paul F. says:

    Any chance of reposting the Peter Gabriel “In Your Eyes” special mix? I just found your blog, and have been looking for this forever….

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