My Retarded Star Wars Post

In celebration of Lucas finally getting off of his bearded ass and releasing the original version of the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, I present these classic Star Wars-inspired songs. If you want to hear more crazy Star Wars music, buy anything by Meco. All of these have some tiny skips in them – but I’m not picking these because of their audio quality, I’m picking them because they are a lot of fun.

(Also, I’m not claiming that I created that image on the right, but I do know it’s the greatest fucking picture ever put on the internet. If you can’t see it, click on it for a better view.)

The Story Of Star Wars
Return Of The Jedi – Side 1
Return Of The Jedi – Side 2
This album features dialogue and music from Return Of The Jedi and adds narration to it, telling the entire story of the movie in about 40 minutes or so. They’re kind of silly but I loved these kinds of records when I was a kid. I had a few Star Wars ones and I’m pretty sure I had the Tron one too. What’s really cool about them is that they usually came with a nifty book that had pictures and stills from the movie in them, which is really cool when you’re five and can’t read all the words next to them.

The Electric Moog Orchestra
Star Wars Main Title
Imperial Attack
Moog is nerdy. Star Wars is nerdy. Collecting LPs is nerdy, so combined this is probably the nerdiest thing I own. Actually, it’s one of the best Moog records I own (which, sadly, really is saying something) and its not just because the source material is outstanding – it’s actually a really fun album. It’s one of the few Moog records I don’t just listen to because of the novelty factor.

Patrick Gleeson
Star Wars Theme
Catina Music
To see how Star Wars music can be done WRONG with electronic instruments, check out these tracks. Actually that’s kind of mean, while the Star Wars Theme is pretty awful, the Catina Music still manages to retain its charm even in this version. Patrick Gleeson was a pretty good synth musician, and even worked with Herbie Hancock once. Read about him (and see some of his amazingly bad album covers) here.

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  1. auttie. says:

    Love that picture, thanks! I am also a hopeless SW Geek. Crap as the new stuff was, I’m sorta sad to see it all done. OH WAIT isn’t there going to be TV series to look forward to…

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