And No, I Don’t Like Pork

ZZ Top – Sleeping Bag
When I was a kid I totally loved ZZ Top. Looking back, their combination of synth-pop and blues probably served as a gateway drug from 80s pop music to 70s classic rock. This remix of Sleeping Bag is more of the former than the later, but its still fun (and that cover is really something else.) Now if I could just find an extended remix of “Pearl Necklace” I’d be set.

New Edition (Muzak) – Funky Town
I bought an album by the MUZAK corporation, surprise – it sucked. The only highlight was this immensely stupid version of an immensly stupid song, Lipps Inc.’s ‘Funky Town.” I can honestly say I’ve never heard this in a mall.

Pete Townshend – Save It For Later (Live)
I post a lot of covers on this blog, but if you want more check out Copy, Right? an MP3 blog that is solely dedicated to covers. This cover of The English Beat hit was originally released on Townshend’s live album Deep End Live, it’s not rare or particually hard to find, I just really like it. What’s really interesting about this cover is that it inspired Pearl Jam to include sometimes when they perform Betterman live, since both songs are coicidentally very similar.

Remix 1
Remix 2
These are two remixes by AFX. I wish I could tell you more but that’s all the 12-inch vinyl said. Of course, I know that AFX is in reality Aphex Twin (AKA Richard D. James AKA Blue Calx AKA Bradley Strider AKA Caustic Window AKA Gak AKA…I could do this forever.) I don’t know what these are remixes of, or even if they are remixes of anything, but I do dig them so. I swear the second one samples Missile Command, and if I’m right that’s totally rad.

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