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Urgh! The Final Chapter…and a song by some gay dude.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

A while ago I posted the entire Urgh! soundtrack. I know people sell bootlegs of that soundtrack for insane amounts on eBay and shit, so those MP3s will only go away if I get a cease and desist letter. Go get them if you want them.
Side One
(One More Song from Side One)
Side Two
Side Three
Side Four

I mention this because I have more. I was disconnecting my VCR from my computer tonight and before I did so I decided to record some of the songs that were in the movie but not on the vinyl soundtrack. I also decided to do this because I’m an attention whore and I want more hits.
Hits are like crack.
The following MP3s are not of the best quality, but they’re listenable.
Surf Punks – Go Home
Dead Kennedys – Bleed For Me
John Cooper Clarke – Health Fanatic
Chelsea – I’m On Fire

And now for something slightly different.
Tom Robinson – Glad To Be Gay
It would take balls for someone to record a song like this now, and it really took even more balls for Tom Robinson to do it in 1978. Its too bad that he peaked with his first album. Also, he married a woman a few years ago(!!) This is taken from The Secret Policeman’s Ball soundtrack (which I previously featured here), which was a benefit concert for Amnesty International.

Make Sure Your Records Wear Protection

Friday, August 25th, 2006

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been upping the number of posts I do here. I have a feeling my complete lack of posting had me loose a large portion of my audience. So if you’re still reading this stuff and digging the tunes let me know, and maybe shoot me some recommendations too!

White Stripes – You’ve Been Striped
I picked this up at The Leech Pit, and I know nothing about it. It’s a remix of ‘Seven Nation Army’ done up all techno and big-beat. For some reason the vinyl is labeled as ‘You’ve Been Striped.’ Also, it has a Trojan logo on it. I think it would’ve been awesome if it came in a GIANT condom wrapper, but alas that was not the case. Its the only track on the LP (it’s one-sided) and there is not copyright info on it at all. I’m at a total loss on this one.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mr. You’re On Fire
This is a B-side to at least two singles I have by them. It’s a pretty cool tune, but definitely B-side material.

Foo Fighters – FFL
This song is fucking ANGRY. I’ve always like The Foos when they go balls out heavy, but I think this is the heaviest they’ve ever been. It also has a quick reference to Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’, which automatically makes it awesome. I’d love to hear them record a full album at this tempo. That might make people’s heads explode.

Korn – Here To Stay (Mindless Self Indulgence Remix)
I’m not a big Korn fan. I liked them for about 20 minutes in junior high, because it was required by law for junior high school students in the mid-90s to have at least one Korn or Offspring CD (I had both, I don’t know why.) Anyways, this is a remix of one of their better tunes, done by the amazing Mindless Self Indulgence. If you’ve never heard MSI and you like hardcore music you have to check them out, they are one of the most exciting bands in the scene. Their remix of this song basically turns it into an MSI song, which is probably why I like it so much.

This Is Not A Blog Post

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Public Image Ltd. – Commercial Zone
When someone leaves a band over ‘creative differences’ the fans usually don’t get to find out why, but that wasn’t the case with Keith Levene and PiL. When he quit the band he took what they recorded with him. So when John Lydon and the rest of the band re-recorded much of it and released it as This Is What You Want…This Is What You Get he went ahead and put out his version of it, and called it Commercial Zone. It’s technically a bootleg and much of it has never been available to the general public. It’s pretty barren compared to This Is What You Want… and in my opinion not as good, but judge for yourself. It does feature some songs that have never been released in any form by PiL, so it’s essential for the die-hard fans. The file above is a zip that contains the entire album.

Doctorin’ The Tardis
Doctorin’ The Tardis (Minimal)
Doctorin’ The Tardis (Club Mix)
I’ve already discussed The Timelords/KLF in depth and I really don’t want to again. If you’re really interested Wikipedia has a page on them describing the insanity in full. When I first posted about them I couldn’t find a copy of Doctorin’ The Timelords so I had to settle with the video. Well, since then I’ve managed to track down the 12′ single of the song, which also featured two additional mixes of the Dr. Who/Gary Glitter mash-up. Enjoy.

Who’s B.A.D.?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

C’mon Every Beatbox (Extended Vocal Version)
Beatbox’s At Dawn
It’s a scientific fact that Mick Jones is the coolest motherfucker ever to sport a Stetson hat. Big Audio Dynamite (or B.A.D.) was his band that followed The Clash and was one of the first rock acts to fully embrace dance beats and extensive sampling, which are both evident and this extended mix of one of their best songs. The B-Side, ‘Beatbox’s At Dawn’ is a remix of that song.

Terry Reid
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
My first exposure to Terry Reid was on the soundtrack to Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, I had never heard of him before. When I found out that he was Jimmy Page’s original choice for the lead singer of The New Yardbirds (the band that became Led Zeppelin) I was more than a little floored. I also read somewhere else that he turned down a spot in Deep Purple as well. Talk about your unfortunate career moves. This cover of the Sonny Bono-written classic (wow, never thought I’d say that) is the opening track to his debut album Bang Bang, You’re Terry Reid, which is out-of-print in America. The quality ain’t perfect, but the LP I got if from was really ‘Bang Bang’-ed up….man, that joke was bad even for me.

‘Bang Bang’ has been recorded by so many artists that it’s hard to figure out just who did it first. Sonny And Cher released their version in 1966, but so did Stevie Wonder. Since then it’s been covered by artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Petula Clark and Coil. The very that is most famous, and the one that was heard during the opening credits of Kill Bill, is sung by Nancy Sinatra.

Step To The rhythm Made Out Of Brown Paper

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Snakes On A Plane is awesome. Go see it.

Now on to the music.

Forever Young (Extended Mix)
Big In Japan (Extended Vocal Remix ’88)
Two synth-pop classics. There’s nothing I can say about these songs that hasn’t already been said. I feel the same way about Forever Young that I do about George Clinton’s ‘Atomic Dog’, I could listen to it forever. These are taken of an Alphaville Singles EP I bought, although they are available on tons of different Alphaville collections that are on CD.

Orange Crush (REM Cover)
I’m still in shock over how amazing Editors were at Lollapalooza. I was on the fence about them but they really convinced me they were the real deal and not another Joy Division knock off. This is another cover off of that Q: Best Of 86/06 CD.

Not Even Jail (Daniel Kesser Remix)
Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix)
When I bought Interpol’s Antics I was battling a nasty sleep disorder that required me to sleep at the hospital for observation on several occasions. When you do a sleep study at the hospital they have you go to sleep at 10:00 and wake you at 4:00, and each time I made the trip Antics was in my car for some reason. It’s beautiful music to drive to, especially at 4:00 AM, when no one is on the road and the sidewalks are empty – it gives the entire world an ethereal out-of-this-world feeling. Of course, so does not sleeping for two days, but whatever. These are two remixes off that album that I found on a four-record set.

Attack Of The Ninja Douchebag

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Oy. I’ve been busy as shit. First I had a Gary Numan concert in Detroit (which as totally fucking awesome) and then I was off to Chicago for Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza was a great show and I got to see some amazing bands (check out my photos here.)

Some highlights:
The lead singer of Be Your Own Pet headbanging so much she puked.
This chick.
This dude.
This sign.
Gnarls Barkley (’nuff said).
Meeting the dude from She Wants Revenge (I’m on the right…duh.)

So yea, busy couple of weeks. But I return with bitchin’ tunes from Chicago. I wanted to make this an all Lolla-related post, but I just got too much good shit to share. I’m going to try to make up for lost time and post a lot of stuff this week. Here’s some stuff for starters. I’m going to have to get a new turntable or turntable needle before I record any other vinyl though, it’s sucking up a storm.

Muse – Crying Shame
Muse – Plug In Baby (Live)
I had some misgivings about Muse’s new album since the single ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ was so much unlike anything I’ve ever heard them do. My doubts were put to rest when the album came out a few weeks ago – because it’s typical amazing Muse. I don’t know how Matt Belamy makes his guitar generate the noises it does, but when he does it right it sounds downright godly. ‘Crying Shame’ is the B-side to the picture-disc single of ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ and the live version of ‘Plug In Baby’ is off of the Symmetry Singles Box Set (which was never released here in America.) The original version of ‘Plug In Baby’ appeared on the album Origin Of Symmetry, which was released in 2001 in every country but America, where it didn’t appear until AFTER the follow-up Absolution proved to be a big hit. Plug In Baby is undoubtedly one of the best singles of all time, and it features one of the best guitar riffs ever recorded in the history of rock music. Had it been promoted and released in America I’m sure it would’ve skyrocketed up the charts and made the record company buckets of dough. And the RIAA wonders why record sales are down…

The New Pornographers – Your Daddy Don’t Know
This is off the soundtrack to a movie called FUBAR. I know nothing about the movie, but I sure as hell dig The New Pornographers. They were at Lollapalooza and even though they were lacking a Neko Case they still put on an incredible show. They closed with ‘Sing Me Spanish Techno’ which caused half of the audience (including me) to start one huge dance-train. It was one of the best concert experiences of my life. This song is a cover of someone, but I don’t know who.

Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen (Dance Mix)
The idea of a dance mix of one of the most influential and important punk songs of all time may be a little off-putting, but if give it a chance and you just might like it. This is off of the two-disc version of John Lydon’s Greatest Hits, which I scored this at the Virgin Megastore in Chicago, which is an awesome place if you love imports because they have an entire floor of them. If you know a lot about Lydon and his post Pistols work, this remix shouldn’t be much of a surprise. He did after all form the revolutionary post-punk dance group Public Image Limited in the late 70s, he collaborated with Afrika Bambaataa for the Time Zone project, and he has also worked with the dance music production team known as Leftfield on more than occasion. This remix is as minimalistic as a dance song can get and still have a beat, and gives you an idea of what The Sex Pistols’ catalog might have sounded like if recorded by Public Image Limited.

The Hardsonic Bottoms 3 – Do It Anyway You Wanna
I have no idea as to what this is. I picked it up a Jerry’s a while ago on a whim (it was only three bucks) and haven’t been able to find any information on it since. It’s some sort of bizarre dance song, probably from the mid-80s. It ain’t half bad (it ain’t half good either ) if anyone knows anything about it, let me know.