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I haven’t posted in over a week, sorry about that. My damn life keeps getting in the way. I’ve picked up so much good vinyl this week that I’m backlogged like a motherfucker. Stuff I keep wanting to get on here keeps getting pushed back with newer, better stuff. All of the following are off of one AMAZING comp I picked up called Revenge Of The Killer B’s, which was a collection of various B-sides from Warner Bros. artists, including The Pretenders, Madonna, Marshall Crenshaw and these guys below:

Depeche Mode – Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead
This is so upbeat and happy (despite the title) that it totally does not sound like a Mode song. I don’t know much about it, but it was recorded back with Vince Clark of Yaz fame was still in the band. I could totally see some New Romantic lookin’ dudes rocking out to this.

Talking Heads – I Wish You Wouldn’t Say That
Sometimes a band is so on fire that even the songs that don’t make the record are breathtaking (Pearl Jam circa 1991 and Radiohead circa 1997 both leap to mind)Recorded in ’77 when the band could do no wrong, this song has everything that makes the Talking Heads kick ass. This track is also available on their box set and their two-disc greatest hits package.

Echo And The Bunnymen – Way Out And Up We Go
My second Echo and The Bunnymen B-side! That makes me so happy. The more I hear of Echo And The Bunnymen the more I fall absolutely in love with them. According to the linear notes on Return Of The Killer B’s it was the B-side to ‘The Cutter’ and while it’s totally not as good as that song, it’s still pretty bitchin’.

In addition to those kick-ass jams I got some more for you:

Paul Hardcastle: 19 (Destruction Mix)
Now I’m totally getting political on your ass. I was born in 1979, right after the Vietnam War and I can tell you that it was a weird time. For people my age Vietnam seemed about as far away as World War II most of the time. With the scars pretty fresh in most people’s minds, no one really talked about it, and especially not to kids. But then something like Paul Hardcastle’s 19 would slam its way into the mainstream and would jar you into the reality that we were just a decade removed from one of the most controversial and deadly conflicts in American history. This mix adds some more vocals to the track, but its still just as effective.

M – Pop Musik (Long Version)
And now for something completely different! For me, “Pop Musik” is one of those songs that could just go on forever and I’d be happy. So imagine my delight in finding this “Long Version” maxi-single. Unfortunately, it’s not really the long version, it’s just not the short version (which was the version released as the single.) This track is readily available on M’s first album New York – London – Paris – Munich and countless compilations. Still, it’s such a great song I had to put it on here.

Hopefully that epic post might make up for the recent slump. I should have more for you guys (all three dozen of you) later this week.

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