The exploding moon is a symbol of our dissolving democracy…

System Of A Down – Johnny
Funny for me because my brother is named Johnny, and he has an unusually high voice that Serj from SOAD remarkably emulates here. Funny for the rest of you because it’s just a really messed up song. This is the B-Side to Chop Suey.

John Trubee – Blind Man’s Penis
I…don’t know what this is. I picked up the Enigma Variations a few weeks ago (mostly for the TSOL rariety – which will be in my next post) and I stumbled upon this clusterfuck of a single. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything like it, of course I’ve never heard anything like a cat being beaten to death by rabid bunnies either. This was only released as a single and isn’t available anywhere…I wonder why.

Soundgarden – Like Suicide (Acoustic Version)
While my friends were rocking out to Pearl Jam and Nirvana, I was headbanging my junior high ass to Soundgarden’s Superunknown. As a reformed metalhead they served as a good gateway band to the ‘alternative’ scene. This acoustic version of the final track off the epic album is from some bizarre five track sampler called Songs From Superunknown.

Skunk Anansie – Rise Up (Bonhamoon Mix)
A lot of bands don’t make it because of bad timing, lousy PR or just crummy luck. I wish that was the case with Skunk Anansie, but they just never really made a solid album. Sure, they had good songs, like ‘Selling Jesus’ and ‘Secretly’, but none of their albums ever felt cohesive or complete, usually losing steam about two-thirds of the way through. Also, the fact that their lead singer was a militant black skinhead bisexual chick didn’t help either. Rise Up was a decent track off of Paranoid And Sunburnt, their first album, but this remixed version off of the Weak As I Am CD single greatly improves it with some killer beats and some strange mandolin guitar thrown in. After SA broke up their lead singer (who goes by the name Skin) released a solo album that was primarly love ballads. Much like SA’s CDs, it was half good and half blah.

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  1. bevcojoe says:

    John Trubee sent in the lyrics to A Blind Man’s Penis to a “Record Your Own Song” business in Nashville. The lyrics were the result of a serious acid trip and the recording was pure gold. Word is that Trubee sent money for many more copies of the 45 than was the usual and it became an underground hit.

  2. piratetreasure says:

    In addition, his original lyrics were “Stevie Wonder’s penis”, but the record your own song place changed them due to lawsuit potential. There was a great writeup on all this years ago in Spin magazine.

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