I secretly love Ohio with all my heart – Urgh! Day Four

I don’t have much to say about these bands. I dig both X and Gang Of Four but have only recently got into them. As for Skafish, Magazine, 999, The Fleshtones and the rest, I’ll be totally honest and say I haven’t heard or seen them outside of Urgh!

I would like to take this time to thank all of you who have been coming to my blog the past few weeks to get these songs. I hope you all continue to visit the site in the coming weeks and months, because they good stuff ain’t stopping here! I got some great soundtracks and rarities from New Order, Joe Jackson and Agent Orange coming in the next few weeks, and I’ll also be featuring some tracks from another long out of print concert classic, The Decline Of Western Civilization.

Until then, enjoy the fourth (and final) side from the Urgh! LP.
Fleshtones – Shadow Line
Gang Of Four – He’d Send In The Army
John Otway – Cheryl’s Going Home
999 – Homicide
X – Beyond And Back
Magazine – Model Worker
Skafish – Sign Of The Cross

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