A Shout Out To My Bald-Headed Peeps

This one goes out to my homey Bendis. Whose endless enthusiasm for obscure and bizarre online music scares even me.

Bill Drummond and Jimi Cauty are two of the smartest men in the history of music. Under the guise of The Timelords, they created ‘Doctorin’ The Tardis’ , one of the biggest hits in the history of the U.K., by simply sampling and remixing two of the most recognizable recordings in the history of the country, Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Part 2′ and the theme song to Doctor Who. Is it an rip-off or is it art? Who knows and who cares, its fucking awesome. It’s probably also the first ‘Mash-Up’ (a mixing together of two or more popular songs to make a new song) in history. Despite its amazing popularity in Europe, I couldn’t find this song anywhere, the only place I could find it at all was on YouTube, so here’s the video.

After raking in the dough from that little creation, the duo renamed themselves The JAMS and they continued their sample-heavy formula on their next album What The Fuck Is Going On, until ABBA (fuckin’ Swedish pricks) threatened to sue for copyright infingement. After burning most of the copies of the album and selling the remaining few for 1,000 bucks each, they reanamed themselves once more, this time calling themselves The KLF (which stood for Kopyright Liberation Front). As The KLF, the duo recorded some of the best ambient house music ever made, and even broke through into the American pop scene with ‘3 A.M. Eternal.’ They then quickly broke up, announced they weren’t going to release any more recordings until world peace was declared and deleted their entire back catalouge.

That’s just the short version of The KLF story, I didn’t even mention the trash metal incident at the Brit Awards, their book on how to create a hit single, their cash award given to ‘The Worst Artist in England’ and the time they burned 1 million British pounds. Google them if you want the rest. This is an MP3 Blog, not a freakin’ encyclopedia.

Unfortunately, a lot of their best music is hard to find. ‘What The Fuck Is Going On?’ is obviously out of print, and everything else they recorded remains pretty scarce. I can’t even find most of their stuff online. If anyone knows where to get a copy of their ‘illegal’ stuff, let me know. You’ll totally be my BFF (best friend forever.)

The KLF – America: What Time Is Love?
This version of ‘What Time Is Love?’ is not on any album, and was only released on the single for ‘What Time Is Love?’ which strangely didn’t feature the original version of the song. The vinyl I have of this was a little banged up, so the first few seconds are a little scratchy.

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  1. G Elliott says:

    Have a look at http://detritus.net
    for a copy of What the fuck…

  2. G Elliott says:

    Why not post a link to wikipedia for those who want to read the full KLF history?

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