Behold The Power of the Exclamation Point!!


With Midge Urge guiding them, Ultravox was one the of the earliest new wave bands to fully embrace synthesizers as the “sound of the future” – churning out some awesome new wave classics such as “Vienna” and “Reap The Wild Wind.” But before Urge joined their ranks, Ultravox was Ultravox! (note the exclamation point) and featured an energetic Roxy Music meets Talking Heads sound. After three unsuccessful albums in two years, lead singer/keyboardist John Foxx and guitarist Robin Simon quit…and must have taken the exclamation point with them. It turned out to be their loss as the remaining members recruited Midge Urge, and together they churned out several hits before disbanding for good a few years later. As much as I love Midge Urge, I think Ultravox was even better with John Foxx as the lead, with a good combo of punk aggression and new wave chillness.

Here are some of cuts from their 1981 self-titled live mini-LP. I don’t think most of these are available on CD, at least not in these live versions.

My Sex
Man Who Dies
Wild Beautiful And The Damned

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